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Can You Really Go From Stress To Joy So Easily?

July 05, 2019

Access Bars®: From Stress To Joy

by Celine Andrillon

Can you really go from stress to joy when your whole life has been about suffering? Guest author Céline Andrillon shares her experiences with Access Bars:

I have suffered almost all my life from hypersensitivity, stress and anxiety. Some of the unpleasant symptoms included hyper ventilating, right through to skin break outs.

I reacted to everything, I was a walking, talking emotional and physical wreck!

As a child, I never knew what it was like to be carefree, to feel unburdened and joyful.

In 2014, I was in an extreme state of stress and anxiety due to traumatic events within my family.

Over the previous 20 years, I’d discovered some great tools that had helped relieve some of the stress and allowed me to find some emotional balance, but with these new traumatic events, I did not see any way out.

And never expected to be able to go from stress to joy!

That’s when I discovered Access Bars®.

It was just as well that I had nothing to lose to open myself to this tool because Access Bars was really too weird and “out there” for me to consider if I hadn’t been desperate!

One of the funny things about Access Bars is that it doesn’t always change things in the way you might expect it to.

Anxiety and Panic

The first time I received Access Bars, I was in a state of advanced anxiety and receiving Bars increased it. At the end of this session, it was almost the same and the next day it was worse!

I was in panic.

Two days later, I was doing an Access Bars training which is wonderfully “hands on” so you get to practice giving Access Bars sessions and learn all about what the Bars are and how they work.

This additional information started to calm my logical and rational mind.

Then came the moment within the Access Bars class when we got to the first opportunity to practice on each other.

I chose to receive first and let my classmate ‘run my Bars’ the way that we had been taught.

I was very anxious.

I was also very skeptical, not believing at all that these things could really make a difference.

…And then something magical happened.

Something that I had dreamed of for a very long time…

The chatter of my mind stopped.

A sense of ​​peace

A sense of ​​peace and of calm settled inside my head and throughout my body during the entire hour long session. I will remember it all my life.

I discovered a space of calm and peace that I had never experienced or even contemplated or even thought possible.

Access Bars allowed me to calm my mind and relax my body.

Since that day, I have made the choice to regularly receive the Bars despite all my skepticism and attempts to rationalize.

Something in me knew.

This non-cognitive knowledge beyond control, judgments, conclusions, fear.

I was aware that allowing me to receive the Bars would allow me to discover that something else was possible.

And yes, something else is possible!

Here are some of the effects I’ve experienced through receiving Access Bars sessions:

• I am happy.

• I’ve eliminated stress and anxiety from my life and my body.

• I am relaxed.

• I react to very little in the way of outside traumas.

• My mind is calm most of the time.

• I am in the moment.

• I am no longer in the past.

• I am no longer in the universe of others.

• I bounce back very quickly when an uncomfortable, unexpected, dramatic situation arises.

• Judgments have little place in my life, and yet I used to live by judgment!

• The judgments of others have less impact on me.

• I do things that used to seem impossible to me.

• I discovered lightness and a sense of being carefree.

• My sleep has improved.

• I am more open to others and opportunities.

• I work less and less from the polarity of this world – right and wrong, good or bad.

• I am more creative and enthusiastic.

• I love my body.

And the list does not stop there!

From Stress To Joy

Access Bars have changed my life and I get my Bars run regularly, just as I regularly dance,

because I love it!

When I lie down to get my Bars run, I love that moment of relaxation where my body relaxes deeply and my mind disconnects.

And the icing on the cake is that each session frees up beliefs and old programs without effort, without having to think about it or talk about it.

And what a gift Access Bars are: I don’t have to do anything, just to lie down and receive!

I am grateful for this simple tool that everyone can receive and learn.

What I like is that we can practice anywhere, anytime, and give this gift of the Bars to anyone.

Once you are trained in Access Bars, you can trade around the world.

Indeed, this technique is present in 174 countries and has more than 10,000 facilitators qualified throughout the world to train you. You can find them on the Access Consciousness website .

In fact, there were over 150,ooo people who took an Access Bars class around the world in just the last two years.

Is now the time for you to explore the journey from stress to joy and discover more about The Bars?

Picture credit to Nicky de Kruijf

Once a year, there is an ONLINE Access Bars class offered. Learn more about this class on July 18, 2019 livestreamed online or in Marseilles, France.