Can Access Consciousness Tools Help Ease Pain?

May 10, 2019

Can Access Consciousness Tools Help Ease Pain?

Scientists have been searching for decades to understand the phenomenon of pain, where it comes from, how to help ease pain and how to change it.

What if there is a totally different possibility available?

What if the “cause” of pain isn’t what we think?

Science tells us there’s a lot of free energy out in the world. However, when we decide we are separate from the world, we cut off our access to it. If you could access the world around you and let your body have access to it, your body would, in essence, be it’s own source of energy.

So, part of what Access Consciousness does is melt the walls between you and the energy that is available so that you can access your awareness and transform what is creating a dis-ease in your body and invite it to change with ease.

How this shows up is different with every person.

One woman recently reported a significant decrease in pain after attending an Access Bars class:

“Two years ago I was told that my feet, hands and hips had osteoarthritis. I had very much pain, slept poorly and swallowed many pain relievers, sometimes as many as 4 at a time, several times a day. For a new hip, I was still too young, so for now the daily pain was solved with anti-inflammatories and painkillers. Sometimes I was not sure if I knew this was what I wanted.

Last November, I took an Access Bars Class and noticed immediately afterwards that the pain was less. I felt more relaxation in my pelvis and less radiating pain in my legs. I learned from my facilitator to say I HAD Osteoarthritis, instead of ‘have’ it.

After my 2nd Bars Class with her, I felt even less pain and after the Access Facelift Class with her in January, all of a sudden I was pain free! I don’t need painkillers to swallow more and I am in jubilation! I can move again, sleep soundly and I am pain free! This makes me so grateful and happy. It really changes people’s lives and… what else is possible and what more can be done?

Thank you so much for all you create and.. what else is possible?

How does it get any better than that?

We hear stories like this from hundreds of thousands of people around the world every day.

What will show up for you, will show up for you. It’s your choice, your body, your life. What can access tools add to it?

Has an Access tool changed your life? If so, we’d love to know about it!

Email stories@accessconsciousness.com to send us your stories of change and possibilities!

Can Access Consciousness Tools Help Ease Pain For You?

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