Being You

Be Different, Stay Weird

February 22, 2019

Have you always felt different, often been told that you are weird? Have your children been labeled as ADD, ADHD, OCD, having autism and being different or weird by their doctors, teachers or classmates? What if it was okay to be different?

Dr Dain Heer knew he was different his whole life.

For many years Dain tried desperately to fit in and be “normal” instead of embracing the uniqueness of who he naturally was.

You too may have been made to feel wrong for the difference that you are. Rather than buying into everywhere that you’ve been made wrong for the difference that you be, could you flip that and look at the gift that being different really is?

Emily Russell and Dr Dain discuss in the “What Else is Possible?” podcast , acknowledging how ADD, ADHD, OCD, autism, and so many other capacities that the world labels as “disorders” can empower you to be something greater.

“All of these things are actually gifts and capacities and they’ve been made so wrong in this world.”

Dr Dain Heer

A Higher Way Of Functioning

What if these capacities were simply a way of being aware of so much all at one time? What if this capacity for simultaneously holding multi sensory, time independent multiple awarenesses all at the same time is actually a higher way of functioning, albeit not well understood, rather than a disability?

Often people that are higher functioning in this world are made wrong because their speed and capacities don’t fit in with the “acceptable” slowness of everyone else.

What could be created if we looked at this differently?

You know what is true for you

Nobody outside of you has the answer for you. You know what is true for you. One of the ways to unlock more of what you know to be true and have more ease with your unique capacities is to ask questions.

Questions open up a space of possibilities, especially if you are willing to let go of needing to find the answer.

Questions such as:

What else is possible with the difference that I am that I haven’t acknowledged?

What is right about me that I’m not getting?

What could be the most fun thing for me to choose for my life, living and future right now?

be different stay weird

Dr. Dain Heer is about to start an extremely unique program empowering you to be the undefinable you that is beyond this reality and adventure into the YOU that you truly be.

This program embraces everywhere you are different, and wonderfully weird, and acknowledges what is brilliant about that!

It is a year long undefinable unique space with monthly calls and so much more starting on March 8th and it’s called: “Be Different Stay Weird”

Invite the change, don’t fight the change.

Dr Dain Heer