Be Strong, Not Wrong

December 21, 2018

What would it be like to be strong with your family? Ever notice how you tend to become typecast around your parents, aunts and uncles, siblings and relatives?

It doesn’t matter what you’ve created during the year, how much money you’ve earned or where you’ve been in the world, your family’s reference points for you don’t seem to change.

“When you were born into the family, you were the weak one who needed to be taken care of,” Co-creator of Access Consciousness® Dr Dain Heer pointed out.

“It gives you this weird place where you look up to them as a source for reality and a source for what you can choose and who you can be and how you can be.”

Inevitably we do so from a position of weakness, rather than strength.

“For humanoids, the greatest way to hide our strength is to go into the wrongness,” Dain said. “That’s where we seem to give up all of our joy, all of our lightness, all of our capacity.”

You may have noticed that the Founder of Access, Gary Douglas, never sees himself as wrong—and he never sees himself as right either!

Gary explained, “I don’t look to see what I’ve done and been that’s wrong. I look to what does everybody else judge? If they’re judging it, that’s because I’m too strong.”

There’s a massive difference between thinking you’re right, which requires you to judge you, and knowing you’re not wrong for anything you choose.

So, where have you defined yourself as wrong, that was actually a gift of strong that you truly be in the world that nobody else can have?

There are so many things you’ve done that are a strength but if you don’t acknowledge the strength, you have to institute the weakness to prove that you don’t have the strength you know you have!

“This is a dynamic possibility, if you were willing to choose it. What it starts to create is a totally different way of being in the world,” Dain said.

When you don’t have to play in the world of right or wrong you could have your own world.

Imagine a world in which you were the strong one and no matter what anyone said, it was like flies buzzing around an elephant. If you were so strong, you won’t have to see you as right—or wrong!

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