Upgrade your life with Access Bars

November 16, 2018

If you don’t enjoy your life the way you usually do, or feel like snapping at everyone who crosses your path and can’t stop thoughts, feelings and emotions jostling inside your head, here’s a suggestion — find someone to run your Bars.

You’ll be amazed at the difference in your headspace because Access Bars really does empty out all the junk inside!

At best, it could change your whole life. For Megan Hill, the Bars changed what could have been a lifetime of taking pills for depression and anxiety. When she went to get her prescriptions filled one day, the chemist asked, “You’re not going to take all of those at once, are you?”

That question sparked a huge realization in Megan’s world.

“I was 26. If I had to keep taking those pills for the rest of my life, just to be able to get to work, that was a really long life of medication,” Megan said on the Access Consciousness show on Voice America.

She began searching for something different and that eventually led to the Access Bars.

“It was so awesome,” Megan recalled, “so much peace and so much released out of my body. For the first time I felt like I didn’t have 8 billion other people’s (thoughts) in my head.”

Now working for Access Consciousness, and free of medication, Megan said, “Access Bars is the only thing I know of which takes all the crazy stuff that goes on that you can’t silence, and dissipates it and deletes it. I cannot imagine living in this crazy world of ours without the Bars.”

Megan was recently speaking with Dr Andrew Gardella and Emily Russell about the Bars and the trajectory from misery to miracles.

Emily, who is one of the happiest people you’ll ever meet, said she discovered Bars after a pretty traumatic birth experience. Because she couldn’t have the natural birth she had planned and give her baby the perfect start in life, Emily felt she had ruined her child’s life.

“I felt like the worst person and mum ever. I was meditating for an hour every day, doing my yoga practice and I couldn’t get happy,” Emily said.

One day she came across a poster for Access Bars and was told, “It gets you out of the way of you.”

It sounded rather weird but Emily was prepared to try anything, so she went to a Bars class. After the very first Bars trade, she got off the massage table feeling like she’d meditated for 24 hours.

“I remember looking in the mirror, seeing myself and my eyes in a completely different way.

The day after class she drove by the hospital where the birth had been. Previously, whenever she drove past, she got angry or cried. On that occasion she used the Access clearing statement she’d learned in the Bars class, to dissipate everything relating to the birth.

Emily said, “All the charge, all the upset, everything around the birth was completely gone.” She kept getting her Bars run and started to wake up every morning with a sense of anticipation and joy. Today she works for Access and recently led the highly successful worldwide promotion of Bars during suicide awareness month.

Curious for more about the Bars? Go here. You can also take the Global Access Bars Online Class happening on November 28th with Brendon Watt! Learn more about the possibilities HERE.

To hear what people in 90 countries around the world are getting out of Bars and, how Dr Gardella went from being a head case to completely happy, listen to this lighthearted episode in full.

The Access Consciousness show is on Voice America every Thursday at 2pm Pacific.