Breaking Up With Your Mind

July 24, 2018

Minds are chatty things—they never let up and never stop misleading.

Your mind will constantly tell you everywhere you’re wrong and list all of your limitations. It will tell you that you’ll never make enough money; that you’ll never succeed and so on.

“Your mind is not a contribution; it is a conclusion,” Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness® said recently.

… conclusions are simply another form of judgment.

Conclusions are never creation; they’re never possibilities. Rather, conclusions are simply another form of judgment.

We live in an age of reason where thinking is highly prized. Yet few people recognize that the mind only explains what you already know and, in so doing, is more of a hinderance than a help.

Gary is one of the few. His perspective is that the mind is a dangerous thing—waste it. Here’s why.

If you decide you like someone, can you see where they’re assholes? Or do you shut off everything negative about them because you think anything negative is a judgment and only allow the positive?

On the contrary, every time you decide something is really wonderful, that’s usually a judgment.

Gary explained, “Ninety percent of the positive stuff you have as a point of view is a judgment.”

Similarly, he said, 90 percent of negatives are awarenesses!

As long as you’re looking to avoid the bad you’re not seeking consciousness because your mind will always describe and generate what you’ve defined as good or bad. It will not give you awareness of what is actually possible.

“Any point of view that leads to a conclusion is leading you down the path of lies,” Gary explained.

Have you ever decided that somebody’s perfect for a job and later found out they were absolutely the wrong thing?

Years ago, when Gary had to interview room-mates he discovered that people who said they were really clean and tidy, never were. If someone said they would gladly share food, that meant they would share his food and they wouldn’t buy groceries!

“Never take anybody at their word,” Gary said. “Always think truth, before you ask someone a question. Then they either tell you what is truth or they lie to you and you get to know.”

Since the mind is no substitute for awareness, perhaps it’s time to break up with it.

“Your awareness comes from question, which only assimilates and creates based on possibility,” Gary added.

Start to ask yourself: What awareness do I have that I’m not acknowledging? What awareness can I have that nobody sees? And choose from that. Choice gives you awareness and gives you possibility.

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