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A Bully’s Biggest Secret

February 19, 2018

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Gary Douglas

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The only reason a bully has power is because you are not willing to expose what is actually

The one thing that allows bullying to continue is the fact that you keep it secret, you
have to be willing to put it out there and acknowledge it. If you do, you can seek help; if you
don’t, you are in trouble.

Bullies will only accuse you of what they themselves are guilty of.

In order to judge something or someone, you have to have been it or done it in one lifetime or another. So the next time someone is being a bully, listen to what they are saying. You will see that
everything they say is actually the judgments they have of themselves.

So what do you do if you are being bullied?

You ask for how you can use what they are doing or saying to your advantage. When you are with a bully you want to find out what it would take or what you could do different to have a different point of view or an awareness that would allow you not to be bullied anymore. Look for that point of view and find it and use it.

If you do this and the bullying continues, you might want to look at what point of view you
have that is creating what is showing up in your life. Some people have the point of view
they deserve to be bullied. Some people use the fact that they are being bullied as a way
of controlling the situation by being a victim.

If you would really like to have a different possibility, you have to be brutally honest with
yourself and ask “what do I love about being a victim of bullying?” You might have strange
energies and weird points of view come up. Just keep asking until you start to get a sense
of space again. It might not be the most comfortable exercise but it will get you the clarity
you are looking for if you are willing to choose it.

For bullying to no longer exist here you have to be willing to expose it to the light of day
and show it as what it is.

What would the world be like if there was no necessity for bullying anymore? What can you choose today that would expose bullying for what it is right away?

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