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The Business of Being You

January 23, 2018

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Erin Chanel

Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator

Erin was always seeking for more in life, she traveled the world and studied lots of modalities. But it was Access Bars that changed things for her. She is now an Access Bars Facilitator.

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This is the day I became a Certified Facilitator for Access Consciousness.

I choose to become a facilitator because the tools worked.

I put them to the test. And they exceeded expectation!

I have always been a gypsy of the world. I traveled the globe, sat in jungles in silence for months, alone, naked, spent over $100,000, got every book, took every program, all trying to get happy, all trying to get this reality.

Just before I gave up, for the final time, an Access Bars class came to my little ski town of Telluride, Colorado.

I’d been watching Access Consciousness for a few years through some friends. ‘How does it get any better than this?’ and ‘What else is possible?’, they’d post on Facebook.

Are you f**king kidding me I thought?

I had become jaded and showed up to Access with the attitude of, ‘prove it to me’.

I took my first Access Bars class in Telluride and shortly thereafter moved to Boulder and took 2 more Bars classes, a Foundation and a 3 Day Body Class.

Then, I wanted to see if these tools worked – before I spent any more money – and I moved back to Alaska for a bit.

I picked 2 tools: Who Does This Belong To? & Return to Sender (with consciousness attached) and I got my Bars run – A LOT.

I chose Return to Sender because I got my mind was probably nuts and I was willing to return every thought, feeling and emotion to see what it created – I used this tool all the time for 3 1/2 months.

I chose to get my Bars ran as much as possible because I had already ‘done everything’. So if Access said I could lie on a table and my whole life could change, then I was like, ‘prove it to me’ – I chose Bars 5-20 hours a week for 4 months.

At the end of using both of these tools, I signed up to become an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator.

You don’t become a Bars or Certified Facilitator for the money. You don’t become one because it’s an insta-business.

You become an Access Consciousness Facilitator because these tools work and the earth is asking for exactly what they facilitate. They are FUN. They are WACKY. And they invite you to get over yourself in the best way ever so far. Easily.

We get lighter. We become less of a burden to ourselves and the world. We become a walking, talking invitation of possibility. We become our business. The business of Being You.

Nothing else invites us to be us, like Access does.

Nothing else works as fast or with as much ease, as Access does.

Nothing else gives you the freedom Access invites.

Since becoming a Certified Facilitator, I’ve been in or facilitated the Foundation 12 times. It’s my favorite class. How did I get so lucky to facilitate it?

I write this because when I asked, ‘what must I be or do to be the invitation I truly be?’ This popped.

People will think you want their money. People will judge you as they judge themselves.

Gary says, ‘Americans love to wait. They love to say, I’ll see you next time.’

People love to say, ‘No one here wants Access. No one here has money.’

I’ve been revisiting the states. And people everywhere ask what I do. What I’m on. Why I’m different?

Don’t let people fool you. And don’t let people stop you.

Become a Bars Facilitator or a Certified Facilitator because you believe in the business of Being You. Not because you buy this reality’s excuse they don’t want change.

Make it cool. Make it you. And keep going.

You never stopped before.

All of my friends followed me into silent retreats, cleansing, colonics, organic food, eating green, etc.

And they all stopped at Access.

They said, ‘Erin, when are you going to stop?’ And they all drew the line. Not Access.

I was so grateful they did, cause it got me to realize, ‘Everything I’ve chosen, so far, has gone mainstream. So what do I know?’ And I smiled.

The tagline of Access Consciousness is ’empowering you to know that you know’.

You know something. I don’t know what you know. But I love that our business is inviting ourselves and others to know it.

Our business is not defined. There are no answers.

Don’t let that stop you.

That’s the adventure of these tools.

And it’s the best adventure, so far.

Learn more about becoming an Access Consciousness Facilitator HERE.

There are 3 Certified Facilitator Trainings each year in Costa Rica, Italy, and Australia. You can find the schedule by going here.



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