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Where is the Brilliance of You Actualizing in the World?

October 25, 2017

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“I was sweating bullets.”

That’s how Brendon Watt described his first three hours of the very first Choice of Possibilities class he co-facilitated with founder of Access Consciousness® Gary Douglas.

Granted the class was in Mumbai, India; however, Brendon was also comparing himself to the brilliance of Gary, and falling miserably short, by his own judgment.

Brendon admitted, “For a long time, I was willing to let everyone else do the work and sit on the sidelines and have my life change.”

Now he realized it was crunch time, so in the break, he asked himself: what is true for me here?

He had a couple of choices: to run screaming from the room or go back to class and simply be himself. Luckily for us, he chose the latter.

“There’s a difference that I am — that’s the difference we all have — that if we’re willing to actualize, will create our different world, our different reality,” he acknowledged.

“If you’re willing to go out into the world and show up as you, you can never fail.”

“We all have these different areas in which we’ll show up as the brilliance of us,” co-creator of Access Dr Dain Heer said. “But usually it’s only one area.”

Some of us are brilliant at using the tools of Access to facilitate people make a different choice. Others are brilliant at music, business or the way they move their body. Brendon has always been willing to own his brilliance as a parent, but not in many other areas.

“One of the most dynamic things keeping you from brilliance is the refusal to acknowledge you’re brilliant. You put it out there that you’re not brilliant, other people pick up on it and go, ‘You would be brilliant, if…’” Dain explained.

They project that back at you and you need to buy their reality so they know it’s real. And that’s how you create a never ending loop that doesn’t allow you to be the brilliance of you.

What if you just show up in every area of your life and recognise it’s not the intensity of what you overcome that shows your brilliance? It’s the space that you are in the situation that is your brilliance. And it’s the ease that you move in the situation that is your brilliance.

“You truly are the creator of your reality,” Dain pointed out.

“Everything in your life is a result of all the creation you’ve done before that.”

If a possibility is showing up like a new job, a new relationship, a new space, recognize that you’re already prepared for it, because it wouldn’t show up otherwise. You’ve already done the work and as an infinite being you truly have ease with everything.

As Dain said, “When you show up as the brilliance of you and acknowledge it, that opens the door to gratitude instantaneously. That’s a space that contributes to your entire life from that point forward.”

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Nov 5, 2017

Than you so much for sharing this awareness!

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