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How To Be Everything That Will Allow You To Enjoy You

July 25, 2017

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An unusually tall poppy. A white pigeon amidst a grey flock. A woman in a red dress when everyone else is wearing black. We have a tendency to look for, and spot the difference in a heartbeat. But what does this actually create?

Judgement and separation, according to the founder of Access Consciousness® Gary Douglas.

“Whenever you look to difference, you’re looking at wrongness,” he said on this month’s phenomenal Creative Edge of Consciousness teleclass.

Young and sexy; old and ugly. Those are both ways people use judgments to create separation from each other.

As Gary pointed out, “Dissimilarities only prove that judgment is real and true. When you’re trying to see the difference, you’re trying to find the judgment that justifies your difference. When you’re looking for similarity, you start to see what’s going to create more.

“I never look at the difference between me and others. I look at the choice I have that others don’t.”

Gary and Dr Dain Heer are the co-creators of Access and, sure, there are superficial differences between them. These differences are easy to define.

Now consider, what is similar about Dain and Gary?

“The one thing I know about Dain is that he can change anything in a heartbeat,” Gary said. “I can change anything in a heartbeat. What is the difference between us? Just the choice we make in the moment.”

The greatest similarity between us is the ability to change something. So with your friends, family and enjoyable other — with everyone — what if you started to look for the similarity?

What about you is so similar to everybody else you enjoy, that keeps you from being everything that will allow you to enjoy you?

As Gary said, “If you saw your similarities then you’d have to create something that’s so far beyond this reality that nobody could ever stop you.”

But don’t confuse similarity with sameness. Sameness is not awareness. Sameness is how you are alike and how you are not different. Anytime you’re looking for sameness you have to judge.

So, recognise what’s different about you, what’s similar about you and what could you create if you looked at the similarity.

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