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Are You Creating the Future You Dream Of?

July 18, 2017

What is it that you dream of? Traveling the world and inspiring people? Having a loving relationship? Do you wish you had a million dollars in the bank?

Some years ago, the founder of Access Consciousness, Gary Douglas, discovered a property in Costa Rica unlike anywhere else on the planet. It is a beautiful, amazing place and has the same nurturing energy as The Place. Gary’s dream was to buy the land and build a resort for all to experience communion with the earth.

People said he would never do it, but Gary never gave up. He never gave in and he never quit.

Today, the PROA Resort, Costa Rica, is being created with biodynamic land management, sustainable energy and elegance of living. It is due to open in 2019.

“We didn’t just dream about (PROA); we created it. And that’s the difference,” Simone Milasas, worldwide coordinator of Access, said recently on the Voice America radio show.

“We have invited some amazing people to assist with this project. They showed up because we demanded it. We asked for the change, we asked for the possibilities to show up and we asked what action do we need to take to do that.”

So many people spend their lives wishing and hoping that some day their dreams will come true but, as Simone pointed out, they’re not prepared to take any action to create it.

Is there something you truly desire to create in your life? Then, be willing to receive contribution from anywhere, no matter what that looks like.

Simone explained, “You ask for things to show up and the universe is so willing to assist you. It opens up all these doors but all it takes is for you to say, This isn’t working! That didn’t work and you’ve shut all those doors.”

You’ve also got to allow the space for something to show up. Know when to relax and when to move as different energies and different things are required.

Always ask, what action can I take today to create this as my reality? You’ve got to act. For instance, everyone says they would like to have more money but what are they actually willing to do?

Are you willing to work hard enough to be a billionaire? What else are you willing to add to your life?

Here’s a great tool from Simone, “Every day my partner Brendon and I ask, how many more revenue streams can show up in our lives today? We don’t ask and wait for something to show up cognitively. We’re asking the energy to show up. There could be many more revenue streams available to you that you haven’t yet chosen.”

What change of possibilities is available for you that you haven’t been willing to acknowledge?

If you’re also looking for pragmatic ways to expand your Access Bars practice or looking to change what shows up as disease in the body, you can catch the full replay of this wide-ranging episode here.

Learn more about PROA and the Project Possibilities Project by clicking here.

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