What if your home could heal?

April 27, 2017

We’ve all heard the warnings about sick buildings and toxic places. What if the reverse was possible — could a building or space be healing?

This revolutionary question was asked by architect Tara Brown on the Access Consciousness® Show on Voice America recently.

Tara, who specialises in healthcare architecture and hospital design, was keen to explore how houses and buildings contribute to us.

She said, “Since everything is consciousness: the wall I’m looking at, the door that my hand is on, everything has its own conscious and its own awareness. It is contributing an energy to the space that we inhabit. But that’s not a conversation that’s being had in the world of architecture.”

Founder of Access, Gary Douglas, is not only willing to have that conversation; he says it’s imperative for our future.

“I love (the designs of) Frank Lloyd Wright because they all have a sense of the nurturance of the land and the land as a nurturance of the house and the house as a nurturance of you,” Gary said. “If we started creating houses like that it can be a whole different world.”

Gary grew up in the 1960s when functionality was the main criteria. This perspective remains and as a result most buildings that are constructed today don’t have a sense of connection to the land upon which they’re built.

“Most people are interested in filling up the space and creating the most number of units in the smallest amount of space in order to create the income not the aesthetic,” Gary pointed out.

“A true visionary has the totality of the picture and the total energy of what gets created.”

Architects who are true visionaries work with the land; they look at things with a different eye. There are certain buildings where you instantaneously experience a sense of peace and tranquillity the moment you walked inside.

“I see old houses and there’s a nurturance to them,” Gary said. “They were designed for more than just function. They were designed for the grace and the beauty and the possibility of things, not just for the function, which is one of the reasons I like old buildings.”

The places which are nurturing to our bodies, nurturing to our souls, exist around the world. We have to find them, and when we do, be willing to receive the gift they can be.

“It requires the people and the place,’ Gary pointed out. “The place can be there but if the people don’t get it they can’t receive it.

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