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Creating A Different Political Reality

April 18, 2017

What can you do or be today that would create a different political reality right away?

The winds of change are blowing after the election of Donald Trump as US president and no one really knows how it will turn out — except that things will be different.

“The last time this occurred in the US it created the Democrats, because people started a new party to get greater sanity,” founder of Access Consciousness Gary Douglas recalled recently.

“The only thing that Trump definitely does is let us realise that change is a necessity and that can’t be bad,”

Soon after the US election, Gary and Dr Dain Heer held a dynamic discussion on the order of politics and political correctness as part of the Creative Edge of Consciousness club.

Political correctness is about how you’re supposed to fit in. The order of politics dictates that you must now follow the president, even if his political reality is not your reality. Neither is about what works for you and what’s going to be the best choice for you.

“The greatest gift you can be is the question you are and the question you function from,” Gary said.

A true question will always create a greater possibility. For instance, when you become aware of random thoughts of insanity and senseless acts of stupidity, here are 4 questions you could ask: What is this? What do I do with this? Can I change this? If so, how do I change this?

“You’ve got to be in question of, what can I be or change? Not what’s right or wrong about this,” Gary pointed out.

Changing the face of political reality may seem daunting, but history has shown that individuals can and do change the tide of consciousness which changes the current of reality.

“It’s truly about you being the demand for consciousness you are,” Dain said. “Every time you ask a question, every time you POC & POD you’re creating more space for politics to change. When you do it specifically and start recognizing your energy is a contribution to it, that’s also what creates a space for us to change.”

And the good news is the seekers of the world are starting to wake up.

Dain added. “It’s stirring people to action who used to expect others to do things. It’s waking people up in a totally different way.”

So what energy, space and consciousness can you be to be the leader of a chaotic change in political reality with total ease?

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Are you willing to be the gadfly of consciousness?

The Greek philosopher Socrates compared himself to a gadfly that stings people out of their complacency. He never accepted the status quo and always asked questions.

At a time when our political reality is dominated by secrets, lies, vitriol and divisiveness, we can choose to be politically correct or we can be the question that creates chaos and a different reality.

“How many of you are willing to step up and be the gadfly who questions everything?” Gary asked recently on the Creative Edge call. This month Gary and Dain delved into the order of politics and political correctness; a hot topic for many following the US elections.

Are you willing to be the politically incorrect person you actually be and say what is true for you?

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1-2-3 politically incorrect questions

As the United States, and the world, come to terms with President Elect Donald Trump, you’re probably highly aware of other people’s meltdowns and upset, anger and even depression.

What tool could you use in the face of random thoughts of insanity and senseless acts of stupidity?

“When you feel frustrated ask, what invention am I using to create the upset I’m choosing?” founder of Access Consciousness, Gary Douglas, recently suggested on the Creative Edge call.

“And, what question can I be that would change all of this with total ease?”

Every time you ask a question, every time you run a clearing that creates more space for politics to change. By being the demand for consciousness, you change the current of reality.

So what leader of a chaotic change in political reality are you already being and not acknowledging?

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