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The Celebration of Living

April 27, 2017

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Megan Hill

Access Consciousness® Facilitator and Empowerment Coach

Megan has been using and living the Access Consciousness® tools for more than seven years! She loves facilitating, inspiring and being a catalyst for change. For over four years, she has been working with Access Consciousness as part of the Access Dazzle. 

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Guest Blog Post by Megan Hill

As we entered the town of Casalborgone in Italy, just a short drive from Milan, the excitement started building…

It felt like I was living a scene from one of one of those romantic movies where a woman goes traveling into the Italian countryside to find the beauty and the romance of living again.

As we sped through the curvy village roads, we looked up at the hills for that first glimpse of… Castello Di Casalborgone.

Gary Douglas has a unique way of finding these places (or they have a way of finding him) where you feel more alive just being there.

Here’s a video from Gary Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer, the Co-Creators of Access Consciousness, welcoming you to this castle during this special visit!

That was what the castle was for me… where every element around you is a contribution.

The wind said hello to my skin, the air was easy to breath, the birds were a musical performance for my ears, the bells of the clock tower reminded me of the past, the echo’s of laughter and singing from inside the walls of the castle made me feel at home, the tree’s and their majestic presence had me in awe, the statues looked back at me, the silence gave me a sense of peace I’d been longing for… I wanted to stay there forever.

The castle will re-open it’s doors to guests this year.

It will be a boutique hotel & restaurant with 15 rooms and an event space for Access Consciousness Classes. It’s all part of what we’re calling Project Possibilities… where desires and possibilities are being created for a different world.

Here’s a video that was created during the lunch of that visit, it’s the drone footage captured that day and the sound of Chris Hughes singing Ave Maria inside the castle walls.

Imagine what it would be like if this ‘energy’ this ‘space’ and this ‘consciousness’ was available everywhere on the planet?

That’s the world I’d like to live in, the place I’d like to create, how about you?

You can reserve a future night at the castle by going HERE!

For more of this energy and the the joy of creating your life, get the replay of the amazing video class with Gary & Dain, ‘Celebration of Living’, recently held in Paris France!



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