Bars White Paper

April 18, 2017

In case you missed the big news on Global Bars Day… The Access Bars Study WhitePaper is out!

This research has been a bit slower than we all anticipated, so a big thank you for your patience, especially to those who contributed to the research.

I’ve attached a copy of the paper for you. https://accessconsciousness.app.box.com/s/i8m1i1fwq7or82j38dzfbfol7cv0aeyj

Here are the biggest findings:

85% of the participants in this study had a change in their QEEG coherence
63% of the participants, after receiving the Bars Process were in an emotional and/or physical transition
Dain’s playful translation of these statements on Global Bars Day was “the bars change things.” Haha. Something I think all of us who include bars in our lives regularly know deeply.

You are welcome to share this with anyone – we have just been asked to remind people that they need to use direct quotes.

We have also been asked not to take these statements out of context or extrapolate from them before the paper is published so as not to jeopardize publication.

There will be many more charts and graphs we can give out with all the data when the paper is actually published. We are hoping that that will be in the spring, but it is a big process and the timing is not entirely in Dr Fannin’s hands. And what else is possible?

Thanks for being tenacious with getting the Bars into the world.

What contribution can this research be to whatever you are creating? And what if this is just the very beginning of what we will be discovering about what Access changes in our bodies and in the world?

Blossom Benedict
On Behalf of the Bars Team

P.S. If you are a newer BF or haven’t followed this project, you can watch a video about its origins here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgGbFRjqQPk&feature=youtu.be



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