You Don’t Have To Be a Victim of Your Own Story

March 26, 2017

After experiencing the tragic loss of his wife to suicide, Dr. Anthony Mattis and his family, including 3 beautiful children, was shattered into pieces.

For five years after his wife’s death, Dr. Anthony was a single father and chiropractor just trying to survive. With the tools of Access Consciousness, the family was not only able to put the pieces together, but they were able to create a life totally beyond this reality.

Watch below as Dr. Anthony’s son, Vincent, 14 years old, as he explains his journey beyond tragedy after his mother’s death six years ago.

Elijah, age 16, talks below about the power and potency of the Access Consciousness tools and how life can always get better and greater.

And finally Aria on how an 8 year old uses the tools of Access Consciousness to create!

What is the future you know is possible and how can you create the life you have only dreamed of until this point?

That’s one of the questions asked by the new three day class, ‘How We Got To Awareness as a Source of Creating Our Future’, facilitated by Dr. Anthony Mattis and his two brilliant sons Vincent and Elijah.

You can learn more about one of these upcoming classes in Italy, Hungary or the Netherlands in Summer of 2017 by clicking HERE and to find all of the classes Dr. Anthony has to offer.



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