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Aggressive Presence that Creates the Future

March 13, 2017

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Gary Douglas

Access Consciousness® Founder

Gary Douglas is a bestselling author, international speaker and business innovator. As the founder of Access Consciousness®, a global movement that transforms lives with simple-yet-profound tools, Gary has become an internationally recognized thought-leader, facilitator and pioneer.

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Guest Blog Post by Gary Douglas

How much change is possible? How much change are you willing to choose? What have you been asking for? More money? Better relationships? Are those the things that you truly desire? Or, is it possible that what you desire more than anything is to create a different reality? A reality that goes beyond this reality?

Choosing to create a reality beyond this reality requires aggressive presence.

Aggressive presence chosen daily opens the door to a future that you have never seen for you and for everybody else you come in contact with.

Do any of you recognize that you tend NOT to show up in life? To NOT be as great as you are? To NOT be a source for a different reality? What is it going to take for you to choose to go beyond your limitations, beyond the points of view that you are using to stop you and to step up and demand that you BE the change that this world requires?

This is what the Access Consciousness 7 Day Events are about. It’s what they started out as and it is what I have made the demand that they be again. A place of change. A place of possibility. A place where we don’t slow down, we don’t look back and we don’t stop. Everyone present is contributing to the energy of question, choice, possibility and contribution. They are being the questions of: What can we change? How much can we change? What greater future can we create?

If you are ready to go beyond everything that has ever been and aggressively create the future you know you want to have, then join us for a 7 Day Event. If you are not choosing to aggressively create the future, stay home. Now is the time for change. I’m having it.

~ Gary Douglas, Founder of Access Consciousness

To find the next 7 day event, just go HERE.



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