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How to Use Extrapolation and Chaos to Your Advantage

February 09, 2017

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The ability to create from chaos is innate in us.

“From chaos you can create anything,” founder of Access Consciousness® Gary Douglas said on this month’s Creative Edge of Consciousness call.

“It’s what we talked about long ago as extrapolation. The ability to extrapolate is based on the idea that nothing is fixed and nothing is in order.”

When you recognize that creation doesn’t have to be a particular order, you have choices that other people don’t. Chaos is how to be in a constant state of creation.

However, most of us have been taught to create from order. Let’s say you desire to have mobile phone coverage everywhere you go, even places that supposedly have dead zones. Order dictates that you first have to think about it, then ask for it, next run the right Access processes, fourthly overcome any obstacles… so on and so forth.

Creation from chaos is making a demand of yourself and a request of the universe: it would be nice to have this! And it shows up. The more you acknowledge it, the easier it is for chaos to show up.

So, what order have you defined as unbreakable that if you were willing to break it, would actually create a greater possibility for you?

Recognize there will be times when you need to use order, so don’t eliminate it from your life.

“Order is not bad, chaos is not good; they work differently,” Co-creator of Access Dr. Dain Heer said. “You don’t exclude one or the other. You want to have a facility and ease with using both.”

Recently Dain was waiting to board a flight to London when the airline’s computers went down. There were 30 people ahead of him in the line, so Dain texted Gary asking for help. Minutes later he felt a change in the energy and the computers started working again. What did Gary do? He infused order into the computers to get them to work again.

Gary said, “You’ve got to look at what’s going to work best for you, order or chaos? Always use what’s required.”

In any situation ask the question: what’s going to create the most success here, order or chaos? And then ask, what order and what chaos can I instill to change this?

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