Anxiety or Joy This Holiday Season?

December 17, 2016

Tis the season to be jolly, or so they say. But for so many people the holidays are a time of anxiety and financial stress. Hustle and bustle. Presents and parties. To-do lists and so much more. While some of it may be fun, all too often the obligation of buying presents and attending family events leads to feelings of overwhelm and exhaustion.

Would you like a different possibility? What if financial stress wasn’t your reality? What if you could be grateful for everything that you have and everything that you’ve created? What if you could have the joy and the celebration of the holidays without any of the headache?

Good news! You can and here’s how. By asking one simple question, “Who does this belong to?”

Yep. That one question, if you will use it, can alleviate the stress of the holidays so that you can relax and have fun.

Here’s the thing, you are like a big psychic radar. You pick up on EVERYTHING. Have you ever been driving in the car and suddenly felt angry for no apparent reason? Have you walked by someone on the street and had an overwhelming feeling of sadness? That’s because you are aware of the thoughts, feelings and emotions of everyone around you and rather than recognizing that you are simply aware, you believe that those thoughts and feelings belong to you.

That’s where the question, ‘Who does this belong to?’ comes in.

Here’s how it works. Every time you notice a thought or feeling, ask the question. If you start to feel lighter when you ask the question, it’s because it never belonged to you in the first place.

Throughout this holiday season, every time you feel stressed, overwhelmed, sad, depressed, tired… anytime you feel anything, ask, “Who does this belong to?” Your world will lighten up. YOU will lighten up. And, when you’re not carrying the thoughts and feelings of others, you can actually choose joy and celebration.

Dr. Dain Heer, Co-Creator of Access Consciousness, has created a free “Who Does This Belong To?” app. Put this app on your phone as a reminder to ask this question throughout the day!

You don’t have to get caught up in the hustle and bustle.

And for more, Dr. Dain created a whole YouTube playlist on Getting Out of the Holiday Blues! Watch below!

Remember to ask, “Who does this belong to?” and enJOY the holiday season!



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