5 Tips to Not Stress Out About Money

December 22, 2016

The holidays are meant to be a joyful time and yet for a lot of people, money problems can dominate their celebrations. If you find yourself thinking, OMG I have no money; I’ve got all these bills to pay; how am I ever going to pay off this credit card — guess what? It may not even be your money problem!

“No one needs to have a money problem,” creator of Joy of Business, Simone Milasas said recently. “If you tap into the energy of money and the amount of money there is around the world, there is lots of it!”

Simone was talking about her latest book, Getting out of Debt Joyfully with Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer on the Access Consciousness® show on Voice America.

Years ago Simone was $187,000 in debt but she kept on living her life and creating her business.

“I was having a great life. What I wasn’t willing to look at was the mess I was creating as my financial reality,” she explained.

One day she heard Gary talk about some Access money tools at a seminar on Australia’s Gold Coast. It was the third time she’d heard those same pragmatic tools and Simone asked herself, what’s the worst thing that can happen? She began using the tools and within 2 years was out of debt. Now a successful business woman, Simone’s book is full of stories of change that people can relate to.

“What I’d like people to get is it’s not just a random thing where I used the tools of Access Consciousness and they worked out. Every single person can do that,” she said.

Show me the money!

Here are Simone’s top tips for ease with money.

  1. Really invite money to the party of your life as you would a cherished guest. And be grateful for every dollar that walks in through the door, even if it shows up late!
  2. When other people start to complain about money — don’t join in. No matter what predicament you’re in, talk about how money is great for you. Say things like, “I’m so grateful that money keeps coming in. I’ve got so much I’m not quite sure what to do with it.” And watch what other people do with it! It’s all about the energy we create around money.
  3. Be aware of your money by writing down absolutely everything it costs to run your life. After Simone chose to be aware of her finances, she started to turn things around. The golden rule is, if you’re aware of something you can change it.
  4. If you keep gravitating back to debt, ask yourself some questions. Two weeks after getting debt free Simone found herself back in the red. She realized she was more comfortable with debt. “I literally had to be willing to be uncomfortable having money,” she said.
  5. Who does this belong to? Ask this question every time you start making money a problem or get the Free App to send you reminders!

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