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What choices are you refusing to avoid the awareness you could be choosing?

November 07, 2016

Ever wondered whether to go on a particular date, take a new job or move to a different city and the more you thought about it the more you got all tangled up and confused? That kind of over-analysing and over-thinking is a clear sign you’re trying to make the right choice.

“A lot of people still think their target in life is to make the right choice and the perfect choice,” Dr Dain Heer said recently on the Access Consciousness® show on Voice America empowerment channel.

“What you may not be aware of is every choice creates awareness. How many choices have you had where you chose something — it didn’t work out — but boy did you became aware that you didn’t want to choose that again?”

Founder of Access, Gary Douglas, and Dain were talking about how every choice gives us some kind of awareness, but we’ve never been taught this. As kids we were not encouraged to try different things and see which ones we’d like. Most choices are based on conclusions; they’re not actually based on awareness.

“What we’ve done instead is try to create a check list and …if we tick off all the boxes it must be a good choice. Even if there’s a nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach,” Dain pointed out.

That nagging sensation, that heaviness, is your awareness saying — don’t! But you ticked all the boxes and so you go anyway and it’s horrendous.

A phenomenal tool for choice

There’s a great Access tool for getting the awareness of what will be created in your life if you choose something. When pondering any choice, no matter how small, ask:

  1. If I choose this what will my life be like in the next five years?
  2. If I don’t choose this what will my life be like in the next be years?

You’ll notice it’s not “what will my life look like?” Here’s why.

“A lot of us have the idea that the way we get to awareness is how it looks. It’s actually a sense of the energy and the space you’ll get. Will this choice create more space in my life, more lightness, more ease? Or will it create less?” Dain explained.

Awareness is like a feather touch on your cheek

Your awareness occurs in the moment you ponder something; it’s like a feather touch on your cheek. As soon as you think about doing something, or creating something, you’ll get an awareness of light and heavy, yummy or crappy.

So what choices are you refusing, to avoid the awareness you could be choosing?

If choice is something you’re still not clear on, listen to this brilliant episode in full here.

Gary and Dain also give tools for creating business success, healing and what to do when people lie to you.

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