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What Can One Person Do?

November 23, 2016

As the reality of the US election bites, you might be thinking that one person doesn’t have the ability to create dynamic change. After all, what can one person do?

In France, after the Bataclan Theatre attacks one man refused to hate the terrorists who killed his beloved wife and the mother of his young child. You will not have my hate, Antoine Leiris told the terrorists on Facebook. His message inspired countless people and still does today.

In Israel, after her son was killed in a war with Lebanon, one woman persuaded that country’s political leaders to end the war and defend their borders instead. How many lives did she save?

In Australia, one woman on a train noticed a Muslim woman take off her hijab fearing a public backlash because a Muslim gunmen had taken 17 people hostage in a Sydney cafe. She told the Muslim woman, Put it back on. I’ll walk with you. This spontaneous encounter inspired the #illridewithyou movement that’s had a global impact.

In the US, individuals have started wearing safety pins after Donald Trump was elected president as a sign of their willingness to stand up for vulnerable people.

How do movements like this get started?

“You personally can be a ripple effect,” founder of Access Consciousness Gary Douglas said. “You can be the stone that goes into the pond that creates a ripple that keeps on going. But you’ve got to choose it.

“What is the one thing you could do that if you would do it will change the direction everything seems to be going in, that you do not desire?”

Gary and Dr. Dain Heer were hosting a special Access Consciousness Show on Voice America after the US election so that people could have a totally different perspective and greater ease.

What if recent events are actually a wake-up call to step into consciousness?

“You being present and aware starts to provide a space for consciousness to exist,” Dain said. “Consciousness has no fight; it has no resistance and reaction. It has no hatred and it has no judgment. It just is and it allows all of us to exist.”

But it does take courage to live without hatred and fear. It takes courage to reject the divisiveness that’s so prevalent right now and to choose a kinder, more conscious and inclusive world.

Dain pointed out, “It’s so vital to get out of resistance and reaction and alignment and agreement. That kills you and it takes you out of the choices you could see because it puts up a wall in front of those choices.

“Look at what’s true for you in your reality. And what is actually true beyond all the lies, beyond all the rhetoric and beyond all the vitriol that certain people are trying to spread.”

Four questions to ask when the world gets too much

  1. What is this? Recognize what is.
  2. What do I do with it? Is there an action you can take now? Or does it require you to just be aware?
  3. Can I change it? Figure out what you can change when you can change it, but don’t just fight for the sake of fighting.
  4. How can I change this? What can I do? What can I be? What contribution am I to this world that I’ve never acknowledged?

For much more on the dynamics of hate and fear, and why the incessant news replays maybe getting to you listen to this brilliant conversation in full by clicking HERE.

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