What IS an Access Consciousness Body Process?

October 30, 2016

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Juna Guetter

Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator

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What is an Access Consciousness® Body Process?

What if you know more about this than you think you know? For instance, if you’ve taken The Access Bars® class or had a Bars session, you’ve already received a body process!

In The Foundation, another 4 day Access Core class, you also learn and “run” several body processes. By “run” I mean “activate.”

One woman, in her first Access class, which happened to be a Body Process Class, freaked out when she heard that they were going to “run” the processes. She literally thought she was going to have to physically run around the block a few times! While that could be fun and entertaining, physically running is NOT part of what’s required to get the energies moving!

These and the remaining 50+ processes in the 3 Day Body Class Manual are energetic processes that allow your body to relax, to receive and to let go of the accumulation of stress on your physical and subtle energy bodies.

As well, they also can help your body restore and activate dormant capacities for healing and change.

What if you did not have to be at the effect of aging, sickness, fatigue or degeneration of bodies that this reality perpetrates? What capacities does your body have that you haven’t noticed or acknowledged?

What if everything you thought was not changeable with bodies is actually changeable? This question alone starts to unlock bodies from holding patterns of no change. Questions along with the “hands-on-the-body” processes are one of the hallmarks of the difference that Access body processes are.

How does it work?

In a body process class, people are paired up and you take turns being a gifter and a receiver, as in a Bars class. The beauty of the body processes is that you do not have to understand them or be able to pronounce their names for them to work!

You do not have to believe in them. All you have to do is be present, ask the body which process it would like, and then put your hands on the body (usually at specific location points) and ask the energies to run and they will. How does it get any easier than this?

Who created these body processes?

This radically different approach with bodies and change with bodies has been developed by Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer over 27 years of working with bodies and asking questions. Gary, the founder of Access Consciousness created the body processes to get people to access their capacities & potencies with bodies. What if you didn’t have to study science or get a PHD to affect dynamic change with bodies? What if your body was a source of potency and awareness?

My Story

The Access Body Processes were one of the first ways that prompted me to start noticing my capacities with bodies that was so different than my 15+ years of dance, Nia® and fitness training. After my first Foundation class where my partner ran the Molecular De-Manifestation body process, a mole on my shoulder fell off in the shower a month after having the process run. THAT was a shocker! And that there was no blood or scarring was amazing! That miracle got me curious about these body processes. Maybe they do work after all!

Yet, before taking my first 3 Day Body Class, I thought I knew everything about bodies. Wow, was I ever WRONG! The awareness and tools I received at that class showed me that my body and its energetic capacities was something totally different than what I had believed it to be. That class opened a door to a what is now an ever evolving connection and appreciation of my body as a gift to me and my life.

My life & body before the Access Body Processes

I had concluded that it was normal to have a constant low level aching & tension throughout my body, unless I was dancing!

I wasn’t able to include my body in the rest of my life. Even my Nia® training had a component called Dancing Through Life, which was exactly about including my body in daily living, but I didn’t get it. I couldn’t make my it work outside of the dance floor. I put my body through detox programs and diets that were too severe. I had so many judgments and points of views about bodies and my body that obfuscated my body’s knowing from me.

While I had based my profession for 10 years on asking my body how it would like to move, I didn’t consider asking my body to contribute to my money flows, or asking my body what it would like to wear, or asking my body what it would like to eat or drink, or who it would like to copulate with. I functioned from what other people said was “good” for a body. Or I avoided what other people said was “bad” for a body.

Now I’m able to include my body in many aspects of living, rather than compartmentalizing it, ignoring it, denying it or trying to control it.

More and more my body is becoming a trusted friend that “has my back” and I have hers. More and more I’m claiming the miracle and contribution my body is to the joy of living in a body on a planet!

How do I use these body processes in daily living?

I utilize & receive from these processes daily in infinite ways. I run them if I feel a “cold” coming on and can eliminate it and the symptoms within minutes. When I need to find my keys, I use them. When I want wine, coffee or food to taste better, I run them. When I’m biking uphill, I ask them to run to create more ease. I use them to eliminate scarring and redness from a burn. I use them to realign my bones….without chiropractic adjustments. I use them to brighten up my skin tone, to eliminate menopause symptoms. I use them with my 2 dogs and my cat. You get the point?

And these few examples don’t even begin to describe what I sense within my body as a deep relaxation and ease that most people can only access through years of committed meditation practices.

Expecting results?

This is also the difference that the Access body processes are. Part of the invitation to this work with bodies is letting go of expectations, projections and results of any kind.

As long as you expect a result, are you open to receiving something different? If you have a judgment that something with a body will never change, can it change?

If you are trying to get rid of fat cells because you hate them, the judgment of hate actually keeps fat cells in existence.

What if you had no point of view and no judgment of your body, of fat cells or pain? What could change then? Would you be willing to ask your body what can change, rather than DECIDING what MUST change and how and when it should occur?

The Access Body Processes are an invitation to a whole new reality with you and your body, the earth & other’s bodies.

What would playing more with your body create? What if you asked your body how it would like to play or if it would it like to change something? Not from the point of view of having to fix your body, but from the sheer joy of having a body?

I wonder what else is possible with your body you’ve never considered?

If you would like more information on the specifics, stay tuned for Access Body Processes Part II that gives you a glossary of terms about the amazing Access Consciousness Body Processes!

~Submitted by Juna Guetter, 3 Day Body Class Facilitator



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