Change Your Money Situation with Chaos

October 31, 2016

Sometimes, and for no good reason, we create patterns that dominate our lives and seem impossible to change. There are patterns of creating debt, or unhappy relationships. Patterns of falling out of jobs. Patterns of living life as a series of never-ending dramas.

“Any time you have a pattern there’s a point of order that you have,” Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness explained recently. “You’ve created these points of order that create the situation.”

Dr. Dain Heer likened every point of order to a solid little block. As more blocks get piled up, they create solid walls of reality, and changing those patterns seems to be impossible.

The idea that you have to struggle for money is a point of order. Every reason and justification are also points of order. Now the funny thing is, the acronym for point of order is POO! So if you’ve been using POO to limit you, wouldn’t you want to change it? Every time you take a brick out of that solid wall, it opens up more choices and things start getting lighter and changing.

One of the most dynamic ways to destroy POO is by instilling chaos. There is a new conversation in Access Consciousness about chaos and order. This reality frowns on chaos. What if chaos isn’t what you think it is?

Chaos is the place where everything is continuously changing. Chaos is happy and joyful and it’s all the things that you knew you were but didn’t allow yourself to be because nobody else would either!

As Dain said, “When you’re growing up in this world, you’re not willing to be the chaos that undoes other people’s limitations, other people’s stupidities, other people’s insanities. You’re also not willing to be the chaos that makes your mum and dad feel bad or wrong. So what you do is you keep being the order that validates their realities with money.”

Order is about keeping everything the same and not changing anything, so the pattern of struggling with money cannot change either.

Instead, how much chaos would you have to instill in your life in order to have so much money you couldn’t get rid of it all?

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