Is Success Eluding You?

May 23, 2016

Is success eluding you? It could be due to bastardization …

Bastardization is not a pretty word; it conjures up images of illegitimacy and cruelty. Bastardize actually means false or non-genuine and it has an insidious energetic effect on your life.

What exactly is bastardization? It’s the way in which you create something that’s not exactly what you desire, but you pretend it is so you can be unhappy with the result. Bastardization sounds pretty twisted — that’s because it is! We even twist our amazing abilities and talents against ourselves so we have a reason for being unhappy and limited in our choices.

On Voice America’s Conversations in Consciousness radio show, chiropractor and certified Access Consciousness® facilitator Dr. Andrew Gardella used a great example from his childhood to explain bastardization.

As a kid Andrew desired to go to holiday camp. His parents agreed to it but wanted Andrew to pay for it himself. All summer Andrew worked diligently to create the money he needed. However, when his brother also wanted to go to camp his parents simply paid for it. Andrew was so angry at what occurred, he stifled his abilities with creating money from then onwards.

“I was buying a lie because it was actually fun for me to create the money,” Andrew pointed out.

Bastardization can sabotage relationships, create dysfunction in the body and put success out of reach.

“Often people get close to the success they’ve been asking for and stop right before they get it,” Andrew pointed out.

Dr Dain Heer, co-creator of Access Consciousness®, explained that right before success occurs, the project or business you’ve been creating will change and take on a life of its own.

“If it feels like you’ve been creating, creating, and creating in the world and it disappears, (ask) ‘What do I need to contribute to this to bring it to fruition right away?’”

That’s actually the time to renew your efforts by contributing an energy or something else. Unfortunately, most people sense the change, give up and pull their energy out from the project or business. As a result, success continually eludes them.

“All you have to do is take one more step,” Andrew said.

Has the topic of bastardization got you intrigued? Go here to listen to this episode in full.

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