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Have You Given Up Living in Order to Have a Normal Life?

April 21, 2016

If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, or constantly looking back on your glory days as the best of times, chances are you have traded the adventure of living for going through the motions of a normal life.

“To live is an action,” founder of Access Consciousness® Gary Douglas explained recently on the Voice America Empowerment channel. “It’s not something you’ve done or been.”

“A lot of people don’t embrace living,” Dr Dain Heer added. “They try to get the conclusion that is a life and live from that.”

How many people seek the perfect romantic partner their entire lives? Then they get married and everything else in their life stops and falls into atrophy, until one day they wake up and wonder what happened?

“You’ve got to continue to create more and create more and create more,” Dain said; living is different from having a life where all the fun stuff is usually in the past.

What stops you from truly living? Anything you have decided is the foundation of your life.

If you are a woman the foundation of your life is your relationship; without a relationship you are nothing. If you are a man, it is sex. What else is possible?

The other foundation of people’s reality is money. Money is considered the criterion for whether they do or don’t have a life.

“A lot of people have this limited foundation that they have decided will create their lives. More likely that they bought from somebody else,” Dain pointed out.

In Dain’s case his foundation with regard to money was very different to his family’s foundation. Dain grew up in a family where poverty was considered superior to wealth. Their basic point of view was they couldn’t have money – if only to prove they were better than the rich folks!

“Once you let go of the foundation of limitation and allow there to be a platform of possibilities, things change really dynamically. There starts to become a sense of space when you don’t have to keep going back to the heaviness of whatever has been,” Dain said.

If you’re ready to embrace living in your relationships, business, finances and future choices, catch the replay of this dynamic conversation in totality by clicking here.

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