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Why People Choose a Foundation Class in Access Consciousness

March 02, 2016

What if you could have the tools and support to create the life you’ve always known should be possible?

The Foundation is a 4 day class in Access Consciousness that you can choose after taking an Access Bars class. It’s offered by Certified Access Consciousness Facilitators all over the world and provides hundreds of tools, including some hands-on body processes, that allow you to change anything that isn’t working for you in your life.

If you could change anything, what would it be?

There truly is a different possibility that is more than what you can imagine no matter where you are and no matter what your life is like now.

Read more from people all over the world about their first Access Consciousness Classes

“I had all my reasons and justifications in place. Going to Foundation wasn’t even something I could think of at the time. Then my friend and facilitator asked me, ‘why do you always have an excuse not to do it? Access Bars saved your life from what you have said. Is it possible your life could continue to get even better?’ So I gave up my excuses and chose it. I sat there in Foundation class reading 12 pages ahead of everyone else because it was so amazing! It was like someone had put everything I’ve known existed in the world in a book! So my question to you my friend – could your life actually get even greater? :-)” – Dr. Dain Heer

“I was looking for something ELSE in my acupuncture practice. I was looking and searching in books and in classes, and even started exploring with acupuncture points on the head but couldn’t find what I was really looking for anywhere! I started trading sessions with a life coach. We did sessions with each other every week. One day she came in and was totally different – she had just gone to an Access Bars and Foundation Class. I took one look at her and said, “OK, what did you do? I want that.” She told me the first step was this thing called Bars…and they were energy points on the head. I knew in that moment I just had to be there. I was at the next bars class in my city!” – Lauren

“I asked the facilitator I knew to hold class over Christmas, and he said no one would come. I asked how many people he required and he said at least 4. I got 4 bums on seats and delved in. I knew I could not wait any longer to change my entire life!” – Simone

“I had taken a Bars class a few months before, yet still believed that as a mom of two little girls, I couldn’t create the time or the money to do a Foundation Class. Yet I kept asking questions and using the tools that I did have and asking ‘what else is possible?’ I went to a weekly Access Bars Gift & Receive with people who had taken the Foundation class, and the tools and information that they had – I knew I desired and required it to change my life! I ended up getting a surprise refund check for almost exactly the amount of class and people showed up from all over who offered to help with my kids. Those 4 days shifted so much in my life and changed my whole world into something greater than I ever thought possible.” – Emily

“I went to a Bars and Foundation within a few weeks of each other and found the tools that allowed me to create the life I knew I should be able to. I could process myself instead of needing to be ‘healed’; I could create different choices instead of running through my old patterns. My life is so full of fun, incredible, unexplainable experiences and joy that my old self would never believe it!” – Rebecca

“I chose my first 5-day (Access Bars & Foundation Class) when I, the skeptic, realized that these tools actually work. I had been using some basic tools like “How does it get any better than this?”, “What else is possible?” And “What will it take for _____ to show up?” When I started asking that last one, stuff showed up… and fast! That’s when I wasn’t willing to hold myself back anymore. I was having it all! So I got myself to my first Foundation.” – Karlina

If you’re willing, the Foundation class can start you on your journey to discovering who you truly are and what else is possible. What if your life could be even greater than it is now? Is now the time?

Click HERE to find Access Consciousness Foundation Classes around the world and more about attending the yearly rewrite of the class with Gary Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer coming in April of 2018!



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