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What If Greatness is Available to All of Us?

March 27, 2016

Someone famous once said, “Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them”.*

Nice idea, but what if greatness was a choice available to all of us?

Live from Paris, one of Europe’s great cities, founder of Access Consciousness® Gary Douglas and co-creator Dr. Dain Heer addressed the perennial subjects of relationship, needs — and greatness — on Voice America Empowerment Radio Show.

“The greatest thing you can do for yourself is do everything you can to be you — regardless of whether anybody else approves of it or not,” Gary revealed.

How often do we look for someone else’s approval rather than choosing what would create the greatest possibility?

Author of Being You, Changing the World Dr. Heer said there is a simplicity to greatness.

“The thing about getting to have all of you and be all of you, simply put, is getting to be present in the moment with no judgment of anything,” Dain said.

“Imagine waking up with no judgment of you? Imagine actually being grateful for you, recognizing that you could choose to go in any direction you desired to and you didn’t have to make yourself wrong for what you’ve chosen in the past.”

Having and being all of you is a lot easier when you have a joyous body — so listen up!

Gary was vegetarian when he first started listening to his body. One day his body demanded raw meat. The New York deli he was at didn’t serve raw meat, so instead he had a practically raw steak.

“I thought I had died and gone to heaven,” Gary recalled. “After that I started listening to my body.”

“My body goes through phases. There are times when all I get to eat is vegetables; there are times when all I get to eat is meat. There are times when all it wants is sugar. If you listen to your body and follow what it says, it will be happy.”

Curious about what else Gary and Dain revealed on this show? Listen to this episode in full HERE.

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*William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night, Act II, Scene V



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Nicole Saddler

Mar 27, 2016

Our greatness is being ourselves in Stoney Creek, Ontario
We are having Autism Awareness Meeting: Understanding the greatness around us!!

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