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The Gift That You Are

February 26, 2016

What’s The Greatest Gift That You Are That You Are Not Choosing To Be?

On this week’s Access Consciousness radio show on Voice America with Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer, they discussed the idea that we are a gift, yet this is something that we don’t actually allow ourselves to choose. We do this all the time as though it is somehow valuable.

What is the gift you are that you are not acknowledging? And, if you recognized that, what else would actually be possible?

Gary states, “One of the greatest gifts that people need to get that they are is their difference”. A whole different universe gets created if you are willing to see the difference.

“A lot of people don’t even value that; they keep trying to be the same. They keep trying to be normal, average, real and the same as everyone else”, agreed Dain.

The gift that you are is a space and an energy of something different than what other people are willing to be. What would you have to choose to be everything you are?

“If you don’t acknowledge it, then you can’t be it. You will only let yourself be what you can see. And you will only let yourself see what you can acknowledge. So if you don’t acknowledge it, you won’t see it and you won’t allow yourself to be it and you won’t get to be more of it with total ease,” said Gary.

Dain grew up in a family that kept everything secret, which makes it very hard to see the gift that you are. If you acknowledge the gift you are, what more could get created?

When you look at the possibilities and look at the gift of you, and what you can create, start asking questions, ‘What can I be or do different to create this? What can I be or do different to change this?’ Then you start to get a totally different point of view and awareness and start creating energy around that. Now you are actually creating the flow and the possibilities rather than stopping the flow.

Don’t look at what is not being created; look at what is being created in the long run. If you start looking at what isn’t there, then you start creating more of what isn’t there.

It’s way easier than we want to think it is; we always want to think it’s really hard. “Gratitude and joy are the greatest forms of creation”, says Gary “and the third one is question; so ask!” He then goes on to mischievously warn us, “Don’t have too much fun, because you’ll be happy, and then you’ll be different and people will be jealous”.

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