What Is Money For?

January 30, 2016

On a recent Voice America Empowerment radio show with Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer, they discussed why conversations around money tend to focus on why it’s so hard to come by, how do we earn more, debt, profit and loss; rarely do we stop and ask – what is money for?

Gary Douglas states, “Money is for creating a different reality”.

Growing up, Gary desired an elegance of living that was contrary to his middle-middle class upbringing. At boot sales and garage sales he would buy one crystal glass or six sterling silver spoons, as that was all he could afford at the time. “I was showing the universe what I wanted by investing my money, even if it was $2, in something that was going to create my future.” Today he has the elegance he desired.

What style of living do you desire? What things could you live with and what things could you not live with? And are you using your money to create the future you want?

Gary added, “You are powerful beyond your wildest dreams because you have managed to not create everything you actually want. The fact that you don’t have what you truly desire is an indication of the power you have to create. You are creating on the not side instead of creating on the yes side. Isn’t that amazing?”

Dr. Dain and Gary also addressed different aspects of relationships and the corrosive habit of coming to conclusions.

“Wherever you have conclusions is where you stop your relationship”, Gary said.

Can your relationship be completely different to this reality’s version? It will if you use the tool of destroying and uncreating one’s relationship every day.

“If you allow that to occur, what you start to do is you create a different possibility,”Gary said. “You’re on the creative edge of your relationship, not the destruction of it.”

To listen to Gary and Dain talk about money, relationship, healers, healing, cancer and abuse, click HERE to listen to this amazing replay!

Gary & Dain host a regular show on Voice America every Thursday at 2pm Pacific.

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