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Are You Ready To Be The Conscious Leader You Truly Are?

December 08, 2015

True Leadership is the ability to transform anything, the ability to empower people, the ability to bring people forward with their capacities and enhance that. One person can change the world and it can be you, if you are being a leader in your life.

Those who are willing to be leaders realize that everything they are doing affects the future. If you realize that every choice you make actually creates a future, then you are constantly looking at what the future could be and creating the future you desire.

Being a leader is about following the energy to create greater possibilities and being a catalyst for a different possibility for everyone, including the world.

What if being a conscious, benevolent leader was light? What if it was actually fun?

You can start by asking, ‘Who do I have to be and do to be the conscious, benevolent leader that I’m not willing to be now?’ And…

Know What You Desire Your Life And Future To Be. As a leader, you need to know where you are heading. Unless you know what you would like to create as your life and living, you’re not going to actualize it. It’s about the constant state of question and awareness, not answers or conclusion; the exploration is more important than having a definitive answer. Ask, ‘What would I like as my life and living?’

Empower Others. Some people misidentify and misapply leadership and micromanaging. Sometimes it’s about allowing others to do things that you may not choose yourself. Allow others to choose and actually receive the awareness from the choice they make. Even if that looks like allowing a ‘mistake’ to occur. What if there are no mistakes? Choice always gives you awareness and awareness is priceless.

Have No Fixed Point Of View. Conscious, benevolent leadership is about following the energy; not having an expectation that someone is going to succeed. It’s about allowing people to create what they will – even if it creates a result that you wouldn’t choose again. Don’t have any expectations about what the outcome is going to look like; they may choose something that creates less or they may create greater possibility.

Re-examine ‘Responsibility’. For most people in this reality, ‘responsibility’ is more of a judgment than anything else. What if a responsible leader meant being willing to follow the energy and create something that creates greater possibility? And, what if every time you took an action or made a choice, you were willing to be aware of the possible outcomes from that choice, and were willing to receive anything, the good, the bad and the ugly, and just dealt with them as they arose? What if every choice that you made just led to other choices?

Re-examine ‘Accountability’. What if accountability was not about control, force, rightness or wrongness about a point of view, or signing off on something, but the willingness to see the effect you are having on everyone around you and being willing to make changes when required? True accountability is when you understand the change you are wanting to see, and when you look around, if you don’t see that change, change yourself! The willingness to say ‘I am wrong’ and the willingness to ask, ‘what else is possible?’ are key.

Gain Clarity With ‘Question, Choice, Possibility And Contribution’. Start asking about ‘question, choice, possibility and contribution’ in every situation; whether with thousands of people, or one on one. This gets you to look at things differently and gives you enormous clarity. For example, ‘What question can I be?’, ‘What are the choices we’ve got here and what would they create?’, ‘What are the possibilities?’, ‘Who can contribute here?’, etc.

Re-examine Profit. What do you already judge as being profitable? Is it doing the things you’ve always done and hoping it will bring in more money? What if profitability was looking to see how our choices created the future? What are the futures you want to create? What would you like to change and not change? Start looking at all the different things you can create. True profitability comes from having a wide range of possibilities as an organization and then following those. Some will work and some won’t. And those that don’t, you just put down to research and development. Don’t kill future possibilities of what can be created by only looking at the profits. Look at it and see if it’s matching the energy of what you’d like to create in your world, your business, your company, your life, etc., and if it is, keep expanding on it.

The tools given in this blog come from a Google Hangout on Conscious, Benevolent Leadership with Steven & Chutisa Bowman, Global Business Advisors, and Simone Milasas, Creator and Founder of Joy of Business. Listen to soundbites from the online hangout below!

Would you like to find a new approach to leadership that creates a greater difference and generates more possibilities in businesses as well as in people’s lives and on the planet? You can learn more about Conscious Benevolent Leadership.



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