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A Conversation With The Earth

November 20, 2015

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Gary Douglas

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Guest Blog Post by Gary Douglas

Have you ever had a conversation with the earth? And not one of those conversations where you randomly notice the beauty around you, which is great yet can be short lived, but a deep communion where you and the earth get to know each other in more magical ways than ever before.

Would you like to have that kind of communion with the earth? What if the earth has been asking for your awareness and your energy? What could change if you would acknowledge that the earth is waiting for you to know it as well as for it to know you?

Here are 3 questions to explore:

“What do you know about the earth?”

“What does the earth know about you?”

“What can the earth gift you that you’re not willing to receive?”

When you ask these questions, you begin to connect with the earth in a very different way. The questions are an invitation to receiving more from the earth than you have ever imagined possible.

Planet earth is our home of infinite possibilities. But we aren’t willing to recognize that. Most of the world treats it like a never-ending source of resources. We pretend it has no consciousness and disregard the earth’s contribution to us.

People are killing each other on the planet instead of asking “What can we create together that would offer all of us a greater future?”

What could become possible when you are truly being you, functioning from everything you are capable of, which includes being the question and you add the contribution of the earth to that? What if you and the earth together could create something that has never been possible on the planet before? Are you willing to be the source of a different reality?

For a long time we have been teetering on the brink of destruction. Now is the time to make a different commitment, one where we make the demand of ourselves to create a different future – with the earth.

The earth is committed to us since the moment we are born – it is always there for us, it doesn’t expect or require anything from us, and it allows us to choose at all times without judgment of our choices. If we listen and watch the way that the earth and wildlife function, we would have a different sense of what is truly possible.

And just as the earth is constantly showing us something greater, so can we contribute to it and each other. Your commitment to you, your life, your awareness and your reality is the most powerful source of creation on the planet. Are you willing to create? Are you willing to choose that which will become a sustainable earth, a sustainable future and a sustainable reality?

Would you be willing to start by making friends with the earth? You can begin by asking the questions above each day, as well as playing with this question too: What energy, space, and consciousness can I be to be the most fantastic, phenomenal, unbelievable, and unreal creator on planet earth with total ease?

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