How To Be Unstoppable in Business

September 28, 2015

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Simone Milasas

Worldwide Business Coordinator of Access Consciousness®

Simone Milasas is an entrepreneur, creator, creative business coach, international business owner, author and Worldwide Business Coordinator of Access Consciousness®

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Guest Blog Post by Simone Milasas, Founder & Creator of Joy of Business

In any business there is always more possible if you are open to it.

What gets in the way of creating a greater business? All the places you’ve decided that your business has to look and operate a certain way and all the things you use to stop yourself.

What have you made so vital about stopping you that keeps you from being the phenomenal force of unstoppable in your business?

When I first became worldwide coordinator of Access Consciousness one of the things that stopped me was judgement. I couldn’t handle the amount of judgement that came with the role. Eventually I realised that judgements don’t mean anything; they are not real.

Most of the time the people who were judging me didn’t even know me. Or they’d had a brief conversation and came to a whole world of conclusions. It took me awhile to become OK with it, and what I’ve found is that the more you are willing to receive judgements, the less people actually judge you!

Have a look at your judgements of your business too. Have you decided there’s a right or wrong amount of income to receive? What do you consider the right number of hours to work? If you’re leading a project, have you already decided it will be difficult or take a long time?

Look at the systems and processes you have instituted in your business: are they required or have you instituted them to justify your job? If you asked someone else for contribution, rather than doing everything yourself, would that create something different?

Business is creation

What would you like to create for you and your business today? When you get clear about what it is you would actually like to create, you will never give up, never give in and never quit. The upside is that you will enjoy what you’re creating from day to day. If your target is to reach 10,000 people through your business, for example, and you know that you are on the way to achieving it, doesn’t that bring you joy and happiness? What if you loved what you did today?

When you measure success as achieving certain outcomes or profit, you are actually destroying the future possibilities of your business. You’ve put your business in a straight-jacket as there’s no choice for others, there’s no choice for you and there’s no room for movement, other than getting that profit. What if you were never vested in the outcome of anything in your life?

Fear of losing

I find that one of the primary ways for people to stop themselves in business is the fear of losing something. If you’ve invested time, effort or money in someone, or something, then people feel committed to moving it forward even though it’s no longer a contribution. Be pragmatic enough to recognise when something is not going to work for you or your business and let it go.

I have never, ever created for money. Nor have I done anything from how much I’m going to get paid for a job. If I’m running a seminar, I don’t calculate how many people are coming and how much money I’m going to make. I will do that after the seminar. I’m financially aware; I just don’t calculate everything all the time.

Being financially aware is to know my financial reality. I know how much I earn and what’s coming in, what it costs to run my business, and so on, but I don’t make everything about money. Money is the result of what I do, generate and create.

In every single moment there is infinite choice to create greater when you are willing to be the phenomenal force of unstoppable.

What if you went into business meetings and dealt with clients and customers with the phenomenal force of unstoppable that gives you infinite choices, infinite possibilities and awareness of what’s going to create greater?

Would that change your business?

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Amponsah Augustine

Jul 30, 2017

Fantastic insight

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