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September 24, 2015

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Simone Milasas

Worldwide Business Coordinator of Access Consciousness®

Simone Milasas is an entrepreneur, creator, creative business coach, international business owner, author and Worldwide Business Coordinator of Access Consciousness®

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Guest Blog Post by Simone Milasas, Founder and Creator of Joy of Business

Are You The Answer to Extreme Poverty?

In this last week of September, world leaders are meeting to adopt the Sustainable Development Goals of ending poverty, fighting inequality and tackling climate change. A lot of people are ‘fighting’ for these goals rather than being willing to have the awareness of what can show up and allowing it to come into existence. It’s a very different angle, isn’t it?

What if it was more about being for a world that you would like to live in rather than fighting against something that you are only judging to be real? About creating a world beyond this reality?

As Gary Douglas says, ‘You have choices other people don’t have.’ Most people are not willing to choose for; they’re willing to choose against.

How can Joy of Business, and you, contribute in a more generative way to these goals? What joy and possibilities can exist for people who have chosen poverty and inequality? Is it really about what joy and possibilities exist for you? Does ending global poverty start with you, here and now?

It’s interesting to think that global issues of such magnitude of poverty and inequality can be effected by you experiencing joy in your life and in your business. Like the boulder being thrown into the pond and the ripples getting bigger and bigger until they eventually reach all of the far edges. Are you the boulder affecting, not only those around you now, but all walks of life? Consider who else gets affected by your ripples in the future? What if you were so conscious that unconsciousness and anti-consciousness couldn’t exist in the presence of you?

And what about the Earth? It’s about being in total communion with the Earth. Then you will discover that your joy literally heals the Earth. It is your judgments of you and others that is killing the Earth, because you can’t be in total communion with the Earth.

So what can you do pragmatically to assist in the creation of a world that you would prefer to see now and in the future?

There are many tools within the Access Consciousness tool belt that you can draw from. Firstly, what does your preferred world look like?

Action #1: Focus on the aspects that you desire for the world. Pull energy to it and through it. Adopt the principles that you want for the world within your everyday life and business.

For example, where are you maintaining a poverty consciousness in your life and business? Do you worry about bills rather than focus on creating and generating what you would prefer your life and business to look like? Instead, what other revenue streams would be fun to add to your life? Are there ways you could add money to your life?

Action #2: Maybe it’s as simple as asking daily, what contribution can I be to my life, my business, the planet and the people on it? And just see what shows up for you, then take inspired action. It really does start with you.

Only you can bring the gift to the world that you uniquely possess! To paraphrase Gary Douglas, you are the creators of the future that has not yet actualized on planet earth, but will, because of every choice you make!

Now, it’s a matter of choice. Choosing to be for a greater possibility for you, your children and the world; or not. There’s no right or wrong. Only choice. And choice creates awareness. In choosing to be aware, you are already actualizing a different reality that has never existed before. And, you can always choose again.

So, if you’re aware of extreme poverty, inequality and climate change, what different choices can you make for a new awareness?

Are you ready to be for a new reality beyond this reality? To be a global citizen? Let’s really get this message out there. To start your ripples spreading, share this blog with the hashtag #globalcitizen, and comment below.

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Linda Olk

Sep 26, 2015

Thank you! What a concise and joyous and contributory message!

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Sep 27, 2015

Wonderful blog, the second paragraph really rings song for for me!

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