Your Body and The 5 Elements of Intimacy

August 25, 2015

Guest Blog By Patty Alfonso, Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator

I have been so disconnected from my body for most of my life.

Before I began my work with Pole Dancing For Consciousness™ and Access Consciousness®, I did not communicate with my body at all. I did not experience any kind of sensations with my body. The taste of food was dull, my body was numb and I didn’t enjoy being touched or hugged. I would push my body to do things that she did not enjoy because I thought it was the right thing to do. There was rigidity in my body that created a stiffness in the way I walked. It was not fun for me to have a body at all!

I was functioning from the head up. Aimlessly wandering around thinking…and thinking….and thinking….and mostly, confusing myself. Functioning from the various insane thoughts my mind generated based on my life experiences. I was hiding behind the barriers I created in order to keep myself “safe” from the perceived harshness of this world.

These are just some of ways in which I locked down my body and being. I was hiding from myself and from the world.

Does this sound familiar to you?

What if there is another possibility here?

What if your body can contribute to you in more ways that you could have ever imagined?

Intellectually, I’ve known that the body had it’s own innate brilliance. Let’s ponder this for a moment, shall we?

For example, did you know that every cell in your body knows exactly what its “job” is from the moment it’s conceived? Be with that for a moment…every cell knows what it’s going to be and do in your body from the moment it is conceived. Throughout the body’s lifetime, all the cells, organs, systems that keep your body alive know what to do. You, the being, are the energy that keeps it all together.

You are the space between the molecules that has created this magnificent body.

Have you ever noticed that your body breathes on it’s own? Your heart beats? Your blood flows? Your body knows when it has to go to the bathroom or when it requires food. Your body functions without YOU having to DO anything. Your body knows.

Isn’t that amazing? Having this awareness began my journey towards having gratitude for my body. When I perceive the energy of my body and all it does for itself and for me, I can’t help but be grateful for her.

Speaking of gratitude…let’s take a quick look at the 5 Elements of Intimacy and how we can use them to communicate with our bodies.

1. Gratitude
Would you be willing, just for today, to find 5 things to be grateful for with your body? I’ve shared my awe for the magnificence of my body…what would that awe be for you? You can just ask the question: “Universe, can you show me something beautiful about my body today, please?” And just notice throughout the day…write them down at night before you go to bed and see what shows up!

2. Allowance
What if today, your body wanted to stay in bed and watch movies? What if today, your body wanted to go outside and sit in the sun? What if today, your body wanted to have a hamburger and french fries? What if today, your body wanted to sit at your computer and work all day – without taking a break? To have allowance with your body, is to look at what she/he desires to do today and have it all be an interesting point of view. Allowance is having no judgment. Nothing is the right thing to do. Nothing is the wrong thing to do. Everything is just a choice and an interesting point of view.

Would you be willing to be in allowance of whatever your body would like to do today?

What does your body want to eat today?

What does she want to wear?

Where does she want to go?

Does your body want to go to the beach or the mountains?

Does your body want to move or rest?

3. Honor
When you begin with allowance, you can follow with a bit of honor for your body. When you honor your body, you treat her/him with regard. You choose what your body would like no matter what anyone else’s point of view is! For example, I chose pole dancing as my favorite way to move with my body. Is there judgment in this reality about pole dancing? That would be a “Yes, Bob!” And it didn’t matter to me.

My body demanded it and I chose it. I followed the energy because I knew it would create something amazing for me and for my body.

What choices can you make today that would honor your body right away?

4. Trust
The journey towards communication and communion with your body can be a fun exploration of likes and dislikes. Throughout your journey, you can also begin to build trust between you and your body.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably ignored your body most of your life.

When you begin to ask your body questions and you begin to listen to what your body desires and choose for and with your body, you’ll start to see that you can trust the consciousness of your body.

Your body functions from consciousness. It does not have all of the points of views and judgments that you, the being, are holding onto. When you let go of your points of view and allow your body to choose, greater possibilities can show up!

5. Vulnerability
Barriers are one of the ways in which we shut off our awareness. It’s one of the major ways we create the lock down in our bodies. Being vulnerable with your body is about being able to lower your barriers and perceive, know and be anything that shows up. The good, the bad and the ugly…the magical, magnificent and annoying…all of it with no point of view, no judgment and using all of the elements of intimacy…what would it take?

Ask – what energy, space and consciousness can me and my body be to embody the elements of intimacy with total ease?

You can start the journey with asking any of the questions in this article and being totally present with your body. The more you do this, the more information you will gather about what your body likes and dislikes.

It’s a practice! Please start and don’t ever give up. I promise…I can guarantee that if you don’t give upon YOU, you will have everything you desire with your body, your being and your life.

Would you be willing to commit to the magnificence of you?

Would you also be willing to be patient with yourself as you begin this new dialogue with your body?

Be the magic you are!

You can learn more about Patty Alfonso, Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, and Pole Dancing For Consciousness by clicking HERE.

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