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Access Bars Class Gifted to 50 Children in India

August 13, 2015

access-bars-gifted-kids-indiaOne of the many amazing things about consciousness is that it has a way of reaching out into the world, creating change and reaching as many people as possible. There are many stories of people sharing the tools of Access Consciousness and Access Bars around the world and creating dynamic change.

What if you didn’t have to be Oprah or Deepak Chopra to change the world? What if you, making a different choice and being all of you, could create the change you know is possible?

Four years ago, Monisha Daga and a group of friends in New Delhi, India created a volunteer-run initiative called The Angels Network. Its target is to use the skills and resources of the participants to contribute to each other and to other people. These amazing people function from kindness and generosity of spirit inspiring others to do the same.

One of the eleven homes that The Angels Network supports is Bal Bhawan, an inspirational residential school facility at Father Agnel’s School in Greater Noida. It houses over 220 children (aged between 4 to 18 who are orphans, refugees, children of drug addicts, leprosy patients, sex workers, etc). The children are under the care and guidance of an incredible being called Father Bento. The children are simply amazing – well adjusted, integrated, beautiful and HAPPY!

The Angels Network chose to gift these children an Access Bars Class to give them tools and the possibility to begin creating the amazing world they know is possible. Monisha Daga, new to the tools of Access Consciousness, reached out to her Bars Facilitator, Dr. Ritu Singh, who immediately agreed to facilitate the class. They also invited all the other people they knew who were able to give or teach Access Bars (about 14 people) to contribute to the class. Not only did they all agree to participate, but they were honored to be a part of the generosity and change.

The Access Bars class included 50 Students, aged 14 to 18, 6 of their caretakers, Father Bento, and an amazing group of Access Facilitators and Practitioners creating a day filled with magic for all. The energy was palpable and everyone involved was full of gratitude for being a part of this creation.

What else may be possible in the world now? What change can we create? And what if you are the gift, the change, and the possibility the world requires?

“Thank you to Access Consciousness, for the gift you be, for creating and sharing these tools, for helping me change my life, for changing so many others and for giving us the tools to help us, help others change their lives too if they choose.” – Monisha Daga, The Angels Network

If you’d like to learn more about Access Bars, click HERE.

To find an Access Bars Facilitator or Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator near you, click HERE and search by location.



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Aug 26, 2015

The first section of this newsletter, by Gary Douglas, is so light and such a relief for me. The past few days have been exactly as Gary describes – just wanting to quit – and the process so apt and timely. I am immensely grateful. Who the hell have I been being? indeed. Thank you again for your awarenesses and your generosity in sharing, Gary.

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Access Consciousness

Sep 2, 2015

We’re so glad you liked it! Thank you for you! What else is possible?

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Sep 8, 2015

thankyou so much for news letters. reading about angels network inspired me to do something like that in my area.

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Access Consciousness

Sep 24, 2015

That is so wonderful to hear!

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