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A World of Choice, A World of Freedom

August 06, 2015

What does it mean to be free and how do you get there?

If we truly live in a free will universe, wouldn’t it make sense that you would then have total choice?

Unfortunately we aren’t taught to choose freely. We are taught about what is right and what is wrong. We keep trying to come up with the right answer, the right choice, the good choice, the correct choice and the choice we are supposed to have – the choice that will make us stand out from the crowd enough to be successful, but not too much as to appear crazy!

When Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness, was a kid, he was always getting in trouble for asking ‘but why?’ when he was told he couldn’t have something he was asking for. “I kept asking ‘why?’ and I realized that when I was asking this, I wasn’t asking for an answer; I wanted an awareness on what was happening with people! And what I began to notice is, when you ask questions for the awareness it can give you, you start to find out you actually have a choice.”

Every time you ask a question you create a choice. Really, you create multiple choices. Each choice creates a cobweb of possibilities. Every time you choose something, at least ten different possibilities open up. From those possibilities, you have a minimum of ten choices. If you choose again, another ten possibilities open up. Each choice slowly but surely leads you to the future you are capable of creating.

Every choice you make expands your awareness. This should be the purpose of making choices: to expand your awareness of what is possible. As long as that’s your purpose with questions and choices, what happens is you start living in this different place where more possibilities show up every time you make a choice. And every time you make a choice, you also invite the universe to contribute to you in miraculous ways.

“Ask and you shall receive” is one of the truths of the universe. So you could ask “what could I be or do different that would create more _______right away?”

Many people don’t believe they are free to choose, create or have more in their lives if they currently lack of certain things, like money.

Gary comments, “In metaphysical communities they often talk about it being a free will universe and there is abundance here, but you don’t have any abundance because you don’t have money. I know people out there that have millions of dollars but they have no sense of abundance or freedom in their lives. It’s the joy you have that is your true sense of abundance.”

Does money create freedom, abundance and choice? No, it only determines some of the choices you have available, like if you travel business class or economy class.

What gives you freedom? Who gives you choice? You do, by your willingness to be aware, to question, to choose and to receive the joy that is possible.

True freedom is the choice you have to choose, change, and keep choosing, no matter what. If you want to change your future, keep making choices. If you want to change it again, change your choice!

If you chose without judgment of you or anyone else, what could you choose that you have never chosen?

“The world of choice is where all possibilities become a place you can create from. When you choose, you open the door to possibilities. When you choose possibility, you open the door to greater. To more. To something that can deliver for you in ways you never thought or received before.” – Gary Douglas

The Choice of Possibilities Class is facilitated around the world by Gary Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer. To see a list of upcoming classes click here and watch the video below for more!



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Christine Jenkins

Aug 6, 2015

thank you Gary

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