What’s Keeping You From Getting What You Want in Life?

July 17, 2015

Have you ever wondered what is keeping you from the life you desire and from what you know is possible?

You are the only one powerful enough to stop you.

Are you stopping yourself by creating projections, expectations, separations and rejections of yourself and others?

They’re one of our favorite ways of judging, filtering and putting our blinders on to what is really going on around us and to what is actually true and possible in our lives.

Projections and Expectations

Projections are something that people decide about you and who you are based on their judgments of you. For example, have you ever seen an attractive person across the room and gone ‘oh they are so good looking, they are just what I like, they will be perfect for me!” – that is a projection.

Once you are living with that projection, it totally clouds the awareness of what that person would actually contribute to you. That’s the reason we often get side-swiped or have those experiences where the rug is pulled out from under us – we are functioning from so many projections about a situation or a person that we cannot see what is coming. We are often shocked and caught going ‘how could that have happened? I thought….”

Expectations are the judgments of what you should and shouldn’t do and be that people put on each other in order to define, control and decide when to separate and reject you based on what you choose.

Did your parents expect you to be good, perfect, well behaved? Or seen and not heard?

And what happens when you do not live your life according to those? Did they bring you closer, or push you away?

When you have projections and expectations functioning in your world that you are not aware of, you will give yourself only 2 choices – to align and agree, or resist and react. You really have no choice but to be right or wrong, and luckily there are so many conflicting projections and expectation in existence that whatever you choose, you are going to be wrong somewhere, according to someone!

Separations and Rejections

Separations and rejections are the barriers we put up between ourselves and others so that we can never truly have or be the caring, the kindness, the allowance, the gratitude, the vulnerability and the honoring that would create something far greater.

It is the way we refuse to receive dynamically.

What reasons do you have to reject someone or something? Have you decided that separating and rejecting is the only way that you get to choose for you? Are you really choosing for you, or are you just choosing against someone else’s point of view?

Without separations and rejections, you would not cut off the caring you actually have available for yourself, others or for the planet, and you would create very different results in your life than the ones you are currently experiencing.

Would allowing yourself to care that much kill you? No, what kills you is the destruction you do of you with the separations and rejections you choose to make real.

Because unfortunately, every time you separate from or reject someone or something else, you separate from and reject you dynamically.

If you would choose to live your life without projections, expectations, separations and rejections, the ease, joy, awareness and possibility that would be created in your world would astound you.

Are you willing to have your life be that wonderful?

For more on this topic, you can listen to a dynamic replay of the Access Consciousness Voice America Radio Show with Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer.

Gary Douglas wrote an amazing book about this very subject and can be found here. Projections, Expectations, Separation, Judgment, and Rejection



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