Health Benefits of Access Bars For the Body and Mind

May 12, 2015

Have you ever wondered what is going on in your Body when you have an Access Bars® session or attend an Access Consciousness® class? You have this knowing that something is different but what is it?

After receiving an Access Bars session, people often experience

  • greater mental clarity, motivation and problem solving capacity

  • significant increase is joy and happiness

  • improved manageability of depressive and anxious tendencies

  • decrease in interpersonal and intrapersonal conflicts

  • deeper relaxation and non interrupted sleep

After having these descriptive results for many years, people have been curious about the science behind it all.

Recently, Certified Access Consciousness Facilitators Dr. Lisa Cooney LMFT & Linda Adamowski have been asking that same question. They wondered what would be shown by using a type of testing called Thermometry to illustrate what changes occur in the body after an Access Bars® session.

These questions and more led Dr. Lisa Cooney to organize and fund her own independent study. The research is the first ever of its kind, and what they discovered was amazing!

You can watch the 15 minute video with the results and more here!

After seeing these results, Dr. Daniel Beilin, Founder & Chief Medical Officer of Alfa Thermodiagnostics, had this to say…..“Whatever you’re doing, you’re onto something. I would refer my patients to the person responsible for this, especially my cancer patients. ”

What else may be possible with healing and changing bodies, creating health and Access Bars®?

Note: THIS IS AN INDEPENDENT STUDY created and financed by Dr. Lisa Cooney.

Access Consciousness® is not endorsing the use of Regulation Thermometry. This study is NOT using Thermometry as a diagnostic tool. It is being used ONLY to illustrate physiological changes that occur in the body with Access Bars®.

Check out more of this research and ask your questions on Facebook by clicking here.

Direct questions to: drlisa@drlisacooney.com and linda@explodingenergies.com

Technical Note: The AlfaSight™ 9000 is US FDA and Health Canada cleared. It has been granted European Union CE Mark for safety and Malaysia and Singapore approval. Each country has strict guidelines to follow.




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Jul 10, 2015

I love this article! All those years ago when I had my first Bars session, there was no research such as this to show the benefits of a Bars session. I was in disease and really I was choosing the bars as a desperate attempt to change that. The session was nice but did not seem to create the change I wanted. BUT. And I write that in capitals, 2 weeks later my entire reality changed. 6 months later and instead of dying I was thriving and choosing to be an Access facilitator and create my own book called Curing the Incurable, and I have never looked back since.

I am very grateful for Bars and grateful for the people that have been willing to document the effects. If I had one wish it would that anybody who interested in creating a difference get their bars run. I wonder what that would create in the world?

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