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2 Easy Ways to Change Any Situation

May 25, 2015

When there is a situation that you would like to change, do you set about analyzing what needs to be done, compiling a list of steps and then going about doing what you’ve decided will get the job done?

That’s what most of us are taught to do, and it seems to work well, sometimes, on some tasks like cleaning the kitchen or doing laundry. Have you noticed that approach doesn’t seem to work very well when people, animals, plants, the weather or almost anything but the mundane is involved?

No matter how hard we try to plan, no matter how diligent we are, no matter how much evidence we compile about the right way to get something accomplished, things often seem to have a mind of their own and create outcomes that are very different from what we have imagined! Consider working on your marriage or another family relationship. You can read the manuals, practice the exercises and still things don’t seem to get better. How could that be? You’re doing all of the right things?

“Change your energy; change the situation.”

Could there be a different way to approach changing any situation? Absolutely! It’s called changing your energy. Now energy is generally associated with electricity or gas or solar panels, etc. We think of it as what makes our cars, and lights and stoves run. But there is another kind of energy that we can become aware of and learn to use – that’s the energy that we and everything else is actually being. This may seem strange to begin with, so lets look at some examples where you have probably noticed energy without even being aware of it.

Think of the people you naturally like and those you don’t. What energy do you associate with them? The energy of happiness, kindness, non-judgment, or the energy of anger or pushiness or sadness or judgment? These are just a few of the examples of energy that people can choose. Yes – we do choose what energy we are being! We don’t actually have to allow ourselves to be the effect of circumstances or other people.

It can take a bit of practice, but choosing to change your energy is one of the most important keys to changing anything. Change your energy; change the situation. Consider the example we were using earlier of having difficulty with a relationship. If you or the other person is being an energy of defensiveness or blame, not much can change no matter how much you are trying. If that energy is changed to allowance, a great deal can change in the relationship. No one likes to feel the energy of blame, it just shuts people down, but if you can move to allowance or interesting point of view, it gives the person the space to change.

Tips for changing your energy

  1. Notice whenever you are feeling expansive and happy and abundant. Allow yourself to become very present with that energy. Notice what it feels like and make a point of remembering it. Then, if you are feeling resentful or down, recall what the energy of happiness feels like and choose it! You will be amazed at how much power you actually have to change your energy. If happiness or allowance or kindness seems very foreign to you, make a point of noticing when other people are being that energy. If they can have and be that you can too! It’s just a matter of practice and choosing.

  1. Ask a question. A helpful one might be: “What energy, space and consciousness can I be to change my energy with total ease?” Or, “What energy, space and consciousness can I be to be the energy of abundance with total ease?” When asking these questions, you are not looking for answer. You are simply asking and allowing the change to occur. Ask and let it go!

By choosing to change the energy you are being, you actually create a space for others to change and for you to receive more than was possible before. Give it a try. You might just be very pleasantly surprised! What if you had far more power to change things than you ever imagined?

You can learn more about how to move into allowance and interesting point of view, in the book – 10 Keys to Total Freedom. People have used these Ten Keys to get over depression, lack of money, relationship issues, body problems and many other situations that have seemed insurmountable. I wonder what you can create with these keys?



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May 13, 2017

Very useful in day to day life situations.

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