Greater Possibilities in Business?

April 24, 2015

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Simone Milasas

Worldwide Coordinator of Access Consciousness®

Simone Milasas is an entrepreneur, creator, creative business coach, international business owner, author and Worldwide Coordinator of Access Consciousness®. 

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“When I met Gary, it was like a breath of fresh air, he was one of the most creative, generative people I had ever met and he liked to play with business and not make it meaningful or significant. Finally, I had met someone who matched the energy, ideas and FUN that I knew business could be.”- Simone Milasas

“How do you create greater possibilities in business?”

Many people focus on short term gains to the exclusion of what would create a sustainable future for them, their families, and their communities. Creating greater possibilities in business means you’ve got to look at the different futures that can be created by the choices you make.

If we continue to function from using and abusing the earth to get what we want, the end result is going to be a world that’s not livable.

If your target was to create a world that was sustainable – a world that would continue to grow and expand far beyond what it currently is – what would you do or be different? If you start to look at what might be possible that you hadn’t considered, you start to look at every possibility, instead of just looking from one point of view.

What if you created possibilities with business? The truth is that there are only possibilities available if we are willing to create something greater.

Here are some reviews and stories about change and possibilities in business from people who work with Access Consciousness and the tools on a daily basis.

Simone Milasas

Worldwide Coordinator – Access Consciousness

Author – Joy of Business

Gary has always asked me questions about [business], encouraging me and also challenging my thoughts and judgements. I could not even have imagined that one day I would join my dad at an antique fair. I had no idea it could be this fun and so much ease. I have changed so much with Access and can receive things in a total different way.A door of possibilities opened up. I am creating what is fun to me. I do not have to reject something just cause it looks similar to an experience I had before.

-Lisen Bengtsson

I grew up with the point of view that people who made too much money must be causing all the unfairness and evil in the world – those big, evil corporations – that sort of thing. I had a lot of issues around money and business. When I began my own business as a Bars Facilitator, I realized that certain things would really help my business like having a website, blog, and a social media presence. By using simple Access tools to POD and POC all my points of view around what I was or was not capable of, I realized how much I could create with ease. I went from not even owning a smart phone to designing websites, writing blogs, and creating social media posts on all sorts of platforms. Before all of this, I had such a huge resistance to technology and business. What if behind every resistance was a phenomenal capacity?

-Emily Evans Russell

I have always loved business, as a little girl I knew I wanted to create something huge that would change the world. I would stand on chairs, on the dinner table, any kind of raised platform really and give speeches to anyone who would listen about how we could change the world, and how anything was possible and everyone had value. (I even have embarrassing footage of this!) Although I would come up with elaborate plans and inventions, I didn’t know exactly how I would do this, I just knew that if everyone was empowered rather than downtrodden thinking that this reality is all there is, that we could all create amazing things! When I came across Access I quickly realised that the wealth of knowledge and awareness that Gary Douglas has about creation, business and what is possible, was what I had been seeking. Every day is an adventure in what else can I create and generate in every area of my life. It’s such a different way of doing business and I also know it’s the tip of the iceberg of what’s available to us.

-Diva Diaz

For me, business before Access, was rigid, filled with rules, judgment, corporate policies and career paths. I remember sitting at my desk after my second year in the advertising industry wondering … is this really what life is all about? Am I really supposed to look forward to 40 more years of this 8-5 corporate lifestyle?No thank you!

And then I discovered Access. After my first Foundation & Level 1 class, I walked into work the next week with a whole new set of tools and awarenesses. For the first time, I started having FUN at my job. I started speaking up when I wasn’t supposed to. I started creating beyond “the box”. I started to BE who I really was. And, instead of being fired for being so “different” and “out of line”, I was promoted and given a 30% raise when the rest of company (and the world!) experienced mass layoffs and salary freezes when the economy crashed in 2008.

Now, working with Access, I’m constantly inspired and encouraged to step into level of phenomenance with everything I’m creating. I can create at a speed and tenacity that I never knew existed. Business, like this, makes life worth living. And, it seems as though we’re barely scratching the surface of what is truly possible.

-Megan Hill

My very first experience doing business was managing 3 clothing stores while going to University full-time. That is where I learnt that business is everything. Business is all about relationships. If you are willing to be aware of what energy works with different people and are willing to be it in the moment when it is required and from the questions “what will create the most for everyone involved?”, everything becomes easy. Looking back I clearly see the success of our company was based on the ease and joy of relationships we created within business as well as the relationships we developed with each person who walked into the stores. Later when I found Access Consciousness, I realized that we all do business all the time. Gary Douglas once said “Living is business” and if we are willing to be and do whatever it takes in our lives just like we do and be in the businesses we own or contribute to, then what is possible for this planet is a whole different reality.

-Daria Hanson

I was recently asked the question “How do you do business different now than before Access?” I had to stop and think. The truth is, I’m not entirely sure I did business before Access. I mean, I had jobs. I created transactions. But I wouldn’t say I did business. I didn’t create business. No one in my family had been a business person. They had all just worked. I wasn’t comfortable talking about money or making deals. Money was directly connected to time in my mind and while I was incredible creative, my creativity was not necessarily connected to revenue streams or future possibilities.

And now? Well… I both love business, and I pretty much do it all day long. Gary Douglas and the tools of Access Consciousness have really given me the space to truly play with business… to do it my way, to get it wrong, to change, to wonder…

Today I love making deals, creating new products and programs and playing with what each creates. I love creating events in new cities and then wondering who and what is required to make them thrive. I love hiring people who know more than I do and using their expertise to expand. I love wondering what it would take to create something and watching the pieces fall into place in the most unexpected order. And I love the awareness that comes with each choice, even the ones that flop.

Today I’d say I see business in everything. It’s part of everything. I’ve created many different revenue streams and love adding projects and possibilities to my life. Yeah, I’d say that’s a change 🙂 Very grateful for these tools!

-Blossom Benedict

Phenomenance of Business begins 27 April 2015! If you want to have more Phenomenance in your business, go here.

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