4 Tools to Have a Stress Free Business

April 25, 2015

What does it truly take to have a business that is stress free?

When Simone Milasas, author of Joy of Business, asked this question to the founder of Access

Consciousness, Gary Douglas he replied: “One in which you are functioning always in the question of it.”

So, what does “being in the question of your business” actually mean, and how does that eliminate stress in business?

Most people have too many decisions and conclusions about business being serious and stressful to even allow the possibility that business can be easy and stress free. They don’t have joy in business, and they don’t ask questions in their business that will allow joy, because they have decided it’s not possible! People assume seriousness is right, and that’s the way it should be.

“Have you decided that your reality should be serious and stressful?”

Have you decided that your reality should be serious and stressful? How many serious things have you decided you have to be and do in business?

Functioning in the question of your business means never coming to a conclusion, a decision or a judgment about anything, ever. That includes giving up any point of view that business should be, must be, ought to be, or has to be serious and stressful.

Have you ever heard the saying “Your point of view creates your reality, your reality does not create your point of view”?

When you create the decisions and definitions of where you are heading and what it must look like, you eliminate all the random places that possibilities can show up for you. You eliminate joy, fun, ease and creativity being a part of your business. If you didn’t decide or judge the business had to be serious or stressful, what other possibilities could arise?

What would a business that is stress free actually be like? What would you have to be or do different?

1)Recognize that there’s no wrong choice. Each choice you make creates a new possibility and gives you awareness of places you can go that other people can’t. What would you choose if you knew you could not fail?

2) Give up the notion that failure is real. In reality, every ‘failure’ generates awareness that adds to your life, if you don’t judge it. it’s another point where you get to ask “what else is possible now?”

3) Be willing to ask from the place of curiosity and fun, and not from the place of serious. What would it be like, not being serious with business, even for one day? What if you would ask “what is the thing that is the most fun for me to create?”

4) Be willing to know that stress-free is just a choice. Success is just a choice. Money is just a choice. Most people really, really don’t want to hear this. They would rather believe it’s impossible than just change their point of view.

How can you get over your current point of view, change it and create a different point of view?

Start by asking lots more questions.

Give up asking questions you can answer (these kinds of questions aren’t actually questions, they are conclusions and statements with questions marks attached), and instead ask questions that open up doors to possibilities and new awareness that you cannot predict or imagine.

  • What else is possible that I have never considered?

  • How does it get even better than this?

  • What’s right about me and / my business that I am not getting?

  • What would be fun for me to create with my business today?

  • What do I know about business that I have been refusing to acknowledge that if I acknowledged it would allow my successful business to show up with complete and utter ease?

  • What am I capable of that I have never considered that would make me the most successful business person on the planet?

For more questions, tools and different points of view that you can use to change your reality with business right away, listen to this replay of the Access consciousness Radio Show on Voice America – where Simone and Gary talk about “Creating Your Business”

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