How Do You Choose?

February 04, 2015

For the past 9 years as an Access Certified Facilitator I have been traveling all over the world facilitating and participating in classes. One of my favorites to attend is the Access 7 Day events.

I always look forward to these intensive classes – there is so much change, so much possibility, and most of the time my body and I start the class before it even begins!

So this year I was all set to go to city of Jaipur in February where the 7 Day Event ‘The Phantasm of Fantastical Living’ is taking place in India for the first time ever. The class is being held at a palace,there are elephant rides nearby, and of course the crazy and fun Access people, Gary and Dain… HDIGABTT?!

And then my daughter, Kelsey and her partner Ryan, invited Ricky (my enjoyable other) and I to join their family for 2 weeks in the Turks and Caicos Islands. She invited us, not her friends, which is such an acknowledgment of our relationship. And guess what? This invitation is at the exact same time as the 7 Day in India.

Now I don’t know about you, but one of my commitments for 2015 is to be in the question of “What would create the greatest awareness and future possibilities for my life, my living, my business, my body, my money flows?”

“What would create the greatest awareness and future
possibilities for my life, my living, my business, my body, my
money flows?”

So I asked myself – if I choose India what will it create for me? And I got the awareness that it would create a huge amount for me and my business and consciousness.

Then I asked myself – if I go with Ricky, our daughter, son-in-law and my 19 month old grandson, what will that create? And I got the awareness that this choice would create even more.

So I am choosing to be with my family in February; swimming, playing, walking on the beach… And I will be sure to get the recordings of the 7 Day in India too. (One thing I know for sure is the megaton of change I will receive from listening to those daily downloads again and again!) This is truly a choice that honors the Kingdom of We.

People often ask me – how do you choose? How do you have a family, a partner and still choose for you?

It’s not about being in polarity or making an either/or choice. When we go into the either/or perspective we compromise what we be and who we be and the vastness of choice we have available to us.

So the next time you face a similar situation and feel like you need to make an either/or choice, use these Access tools:

“Ask the question: If I choose ______

what will it create for me (in 10 years)?”

Truth: Is this a compromise or a commitment to what I am asking to show up for the future?

Ask the question: What is greater here for me that I haven’t been willing to step into and be and what would it take for that to show up?

Yours in Right Relationship!

Susan Lazar Hart info@rightrelationshipforyou.com

Susan Lazar Hart is an international consciousness leader, co-founder of Right Relationship for You™, an Access Consciousness® Facilitator and Body Class Facilitator. She is transforming the way the people around the world view themselves and gain clarity about what does and doesn’t work for them in every area of life, and most of all how to truly be themselves in relationship to everyone and everything.

You can listen to some of Right Relationship For You™, radio shows here.

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Feb 14, 2015

Dear Susan,

Yes it was awesome as you might have already heard the audios.

To make a choice that honours everyone is so wonderful.
That is truly functioning from the kingdom of WE.
Just reading about it makes me so very happy.

Thank you for the blog,thank you for the gift you are !

Infinite loving gratitude,


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