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What Would it Be Like if We Found The Place?

January 27, 2015

Have you read The Place by Gary Douglas? The Place describes the journey of those who seek what they know is possible that has never existed before. Would you like to have a place to go to that would be like the place described in this novel?

Have you heard of the beautiful property down in Costa Rica? One of the most unharmed and untouched pieces of Earth I have ever seen or been to in my life. You walk and the land starts healing you, both your body and your being.
It is beyond anything I have ever experienced. It is hard to put into words what you perceive and be on that property. But I will try.

The Place, in Costa Rica, is an incredible space where abuse does not exist. It has an incredible sense of space like no other place.

A space where everything exists and nothing is judged. And where everything is a contribution.

Have you experienced the Energetic Synthesis of Communion? That nurturing thrum that spreads through your body during the ESC sessions with Dr. Dain Heer… well you can intensively perceive a similar energy, a similar thrum there just by simply being on the property. It is a continuous healing session.

You can’t help it but be in communion with everything around you seen and unseen to the eye.

The Place is a place where you can’t help but be. This place was the first place in my life where I actually allowed myself to be and was aware that the space I was being there is what BEING is.

When I visited The Place, I had a broken wrist and was not sure if I could ride horses, which was one of the main activities I wanted to participate in. When I got to the property, I forgot about all limitations.

I rode the property with one hand and I felt how every single molecule of that space was contributing to healing my body. I felt nurtured and cared for like a newborn in the hands of a mother. It felt like every tree and every piece of grass was there to support me. And the waters were happy to wash off my pain.

All I could think of when I was there was – “I am home!”

And the other thought that would not leave me was “With what this land is and how healing and possibility-infusing it is….when hundreds of people asking for greater and more consciousness gather together on this property that is so willing to gift, what will be possible then? I will never forget the space that I have become aware of that opened up from that day.

The gift I see is that The Place acknowledges who you truly be and how when you be you, you change everything… and the planet is willing to contribute to creating that.

by Daria Hanson, CFMW



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