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The Home of Infinite Possibilities

December 02, 2014

What does the word “home” bring up for you? Does it invoke feelings of happiness, or does it have more negative connotations? For many of us, the word “home” conjures a kind of split image. On the one hand there’s the Ideal scene where everyone loves one another, everyone is kind and generous and never angry or withholding. It’s the place where we all agree in our judgments of what is and what should be. It’s the Disney version of “home”. The other image may not be so pleasant. Perhaps there are memories of fighting, of being ignored or humiliated or even abused as a child. Maybe it’s just a sense of barrenness or wrongness. In any case, many of us seem to be caught between an ideal that can never be achieved and a reality that we don’t really desire. There doesn’t seem to be an alternative, but that is just what The Home Of Infinite Possibilities offers.

In their class, Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer invite you to a totally different space of “home”. This is not just a physical place we return to, nor is it a compilation of various family members and their relationships, nor is it a fantasy. The Home Of Infinite Possibilities is where each of us can step into more of who we truly be.

Talking about the purpose of the class, Gary says it is: “to get you to that space where you know that what you choose is real and possible, and how to actualize it in physical reality. It’s neither outside or inside of you, it’s all the places where you become greater by your willingness to become more.” “It is where YOU are the home, YOU are the space of possibility, YOU are the beginning of a different reality. No one can limit you. That is true home.”

This is where we can all begin to create beyond the limitations of this reality, and “everything we desire becomes a reality from our choosing.”

What if your true home has nothing to do with whatever you’ve ever imagined your “home” was? What if, instead of processing the abuse your experienced at “home” and trying to create a better “home” on the basis of this reality, you were to step into a totally different paradigm? What if the home you know is possible but haven’t been able to find exists beyond this reality and takes you stepping forward, and choosing beyond your past? Might that create something beyond what you have ever imagined was possible?

When you are home in the Home Of Infinite Possibilities, you are aware of yourself as the drop in the ocean and as the ocean itself, without there being any conflict. You are aware of yourself as the unique infinite being that you be and also as part of the oneness that is. It is that amazing space of no judgment and no barriers where all flows and all is possible. It is the space of miracles.

This is not a pipe dream, nor is it something that’s available to only one or two people. If you are reading this blog, then you have the capacity to choose into the Home Of Infinite Possibilities. This is so radical that we all may need a bit of assistance, even to know that it’s possible! That’s what this class is all about. It will facilitate us in jumping paradigms, and in having and being more than we can imagine.

Many of us might say, “Well that’s all great, but I need to handle my money problems, or I really need help for my relationship.”, and we attempt to “fix” things from the place of this reality. How well does that work? Jumping into the Home Of Infinite Possibilities is not something you do “on the side”. It is an extremely practical and pragmatic move. From the space of Infinite possibilities, what has been a “problem” in this reality either dissolves, or is easily dealt with. Remember, we’re talking about a space where we are able to recognize what possibilities are actually available , and to create miracles that we would never have thought possible. Does that sound like something that might interest you? Are you ready to take a giant leap?

Listen to a one hour conversation between Gary and Dain on the infinite possibilities that we all have access to yet rarely choose. Click here for the link to ‘Living The Impossible Dream’ on Voice America



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