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What’s Right About You You’re Not Getting?

September 25, 2014

When we ask a question, we open up many possibilities that were not available to us before. “What’s right about me I’m not getting?” is a very freeing, helpful and even life changing question from Access Consciousness.

This may seem like a simple question, yet for may of us, it opens up a world of being aware of what’s right about us instead of always looking for and focusing on what’s “wrong” with us. What about you? Have you tended to focus on any and everything you could find that was “wrong” with you? Most of us do, because that’s what we’ve been taught to do. How often are we shown what’s “wrong” with us so we can “improve”? Many of us have been confronted with things like: “Here’s where you failed.” “Here’s what you need to work on.” “Here are the (impossible and arbitrary) standards that you should aspire to.” “Don’t you think you should be making more money? Losing weight? Managing your children better? Being nicer to me? Giving more back? Spending more time with me?”

Notice how all of those statements and questions tend to make you contract, doubt yourself and generally feel less than. That’s the point! When you buy other people’s ideas of what’s wrong with you and what you need to do to correct it, you have to repress and disallow all that is truly wonderful and great about you! And; it makes you controllable!

The good news is that is that all of this “wrongness” a lie and it’s all changeable!

What if you were more than OK just the way you are? What if there was nothing to improve upon? Everything you’ve decided is “wrong” with you is based on a judgment, not an awareness. One great thing about animals is that they don’t judge. If you looked at yourself through a dog or cat’s eyes, would you need to lose ten pounds? Work harder? Be more serious? I bet not!

Some of us have stayed about from looking at all that’s wonderful about us because we’ve been told crazy things like: “It’s conceited to do so.” Or “Who do you think you are? You just think you’re better than others.” or “Humility is a virtue.” But what does that create? Each of us has unique gifts that the world requires, but if we are hiding those gifts, pretending to be pathetic, all we’re doing is depriving the world and everyone in it of wonderful and beautiful things! (Yes – this means you!) Consider a beautiful flower that hides under a log because it is focused on how it’s stem may not be the right length, and it’s not sure that eight petals is the correct number. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Yet that is what we all do when we focus on our imaginary wrongness. The Antidote? Asking yourself all day long: “What’s right about me I’m not getting?”.

This may feel uncomfortable at first because it’s so new. You may even come up with a blank since most of us are so used to focusing on the negative, we’re out of touch with anything else. Please keep going, keep asking, and see what changes. Here are a few things to start with: If you are reading this, you are a seeker, a person who knows that more is possible and goes after it. You have courage. Only those with courage are willing to expose themselves to the new and to change. You are curious, which is always a sign of intelligence.

Another thing you might do is to ask a friend to describe you. What do they come up with? Kind? Caring? Fun? Creative? Are you willing to receive those awarenesses?

What’s right about me I’m not getting? is an especially helpful question to ask when you’ve judged that you’ve just done something “stupid” or “terrible”. It helps to put things into perspective so that you can move forward. All of us do things that are not our best choice, but they do not need to define us. Remember, you don’t have to be perfect, and you don’t have to atone for anything. You are wonderful and a gift just the way you are. In the words of Dr. Dain Heer: “Be you and change the world!”



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