Three Quick Tips to Get You or Your Business Noticed

September 25, 2014

When I lost my job in radio I was totally gutted. However, at the time I never knew that it was a blessing in disguise; that it would help me so much in what I am doing now, working with clients and helping them gain publicity for their business.

It was an invaluable lesson, as it taught me what the media want’s ; what makes a good story and what makes an average story and how the media likes to be pitched to. It also, to this date, set me up to build my database and network of valuable contacts in such a way that I’m now running one of the most successful PR company’s in the wellness industry .

Here are 3 quick tips to get you or your business noticed:

1) You have one shot. You have 3-5 seconds to capture their attention.

Make sure before you contact them that everything is ready to go. Have you got all your contact information on your website? Have you got headshots? Enough product? High res images etc?

2) Know who you’re talking to and speak to what they need .

When you do contact them, respect their time. No long emails. Get to the point. Do your research, know what they write about,

what they talk about. How can you help them? How can you help their audience?

If you scratch their back, they will then call on you when they need expert comments. Journalists are time-poor and anything to make their life easier will go a long way.

3) Who are you? What makes you different?

When you are starting out in PR, you have to think about the following questions. What is your unique selling point? What makes you different from everyone else? Being different is great! Are you the first ever to do something? Have you reached a milestone in your business? Have you made a huge health comeback ? Are you taking part in a charity ? What tips have you got that you can share with some one to improve their lives? Do you have a product that is about to launch on the market? A new book ? Can you solve a problem ? Do you have a gift that would be great for the holiday season?

Asking these questions, and others, helps you formulate press releases or pitches that you can then contact the journalists about.

Once you get that first journalist to interview you and you see your business featured in your local newspaper or national magazine, that is when it is show time! The snow ball effect has started. You can use the media placement to show potential clients, put it up on your website, and show your mum or kids. PR adds credibility – you become the expert.



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Nasreen Essack

Oct 12, 2014

Wow – HDIGBTT? I just started working as finance manager in PR company….how great that this showed up in your news letter. WEIP

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Martin Gunther

Mar 19, 2015


PR is the basic fundamental requirements of any of the company growth level increased.This kinds of the informations is the very much helpful to the futures.


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