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Are You Ready for Strong Talk?

September 17, 2014

Are you ready for Strong Talk? Are you willing to drop all of those barriers, points of view, resistance and to be rocketed into more awareness and clarity than you ever thought possible?

Gary Douglas is offering us a new chance to step into a space of accelerated change. What could that add to your life?

Let’s take a moment to look at what Strong Talk is and what makes it so very different. Most of us have facilitated others and been facilitated ourselves. If it’s using the Access tools, then questions are asked, answers are nothing more than conclusions, allowance is in place along with no judgment, and the person being facilitated is at liberty to change or to weasel, waffle, avoid. It’s always about what ever they would like to choose with no suggestions or even a hint of confrontation.

Strong talk has a different basis. While the elements of question, and allowance and no judgment are present, the person receiving the strong talk has agreed to receive a greater awareness of what is possible, as uncomfortable as it may be and even though it challenges their decisions, judgments, conclusions and fixed points of view. Can it be intense? Absolutely!!

So why would someone choose to be the target of strong talk? What’s the value of putting yourself in the position of what appears to be standing naked in front of a crowd?

One thing to know, Strong Talk is not what many of us experienced in confrontation type therapies. Can you remember that energy? It was a combination of force, effort and violence. Strong talk comes from a space of kindness and caring. It’s Gary Douglas’ desire for us to be all that we can be; to show up as the space of greatness that we truly are, and sometimes a Strong Talk is required to get us there.

Have you ever found yourself in a place where you knew your life wasn’t really working but you didn’t know why? Did you try every clearing you could think of? Did you search and search for what was holding you back but were unable to change things? Unable to become unstuck? If that’s been true for you, then there’s a good possibility that you were holding onto a big fixed point of view, a judgment or a lie of magnitude! Most of us have a place or two where we really don’t want to be aware of what’s going on and who people really are. For many it’s our family, but it can also be about our partners, our jobs, or our bodies. It can seem harmless enough to have blinders on about a few aspects of our lives, but it’s these blinders that put an absolute halt to expanding our awareness and being all that we can be. That’s where Strong Talk comes in. It’s about blasting off the blinders so that we can be aware of what really is, rather than holding onto how we wish things were.

Strong talk can gift you the clarity and ease that you desire. How we respond to Strong Talk is completely up to us! We can choose to make it difficult or not. By lowering our barriers and choosing to be vulnerable, we can receive a Strong Talk simply as an intensity and with great gratitude!

Are you willing to have huge change in your life? Are you willing to step off the cliff of limitation and into the space possibility? Then Strong Talk may be for you!

Please note that Strong Talk is available for people who have completed a Level 2 & 3



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Seema Madan

Sep 23, 2014

I know where I need strong talk. I am ready. I am doing level 2,3 in November. How does it get any better than that? Is this going to be the big change I have been asking for?

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Karin Sjögren

Sep 24, 2014

Tank you Gary 🙂

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Sep 30, 2014

Do u need to be on these calls live??? Is it the same time each date??

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Oct 2, 2014

All calls are held at 2pm PST. You will also receive the recordings of these calls.

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