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Would You be Willing to Step Beyond Anyone Else's Limitations?

August 31, 2014

Coming back from a trip to Costa Rica yesterday, I landed in Fort Lauderdale where I had to go through immigrations. I had 1 1/2 hours to catch my next flight. Cool!, I thought. Until I saw the line… Hmmm. After 1/2 hour of labyrinthal ‘snaking’ in the overcrowded small room, I got an awareness to speed up the process. Asking people for letting me go in front of them, I made my way to the front…. and saw that this just was the entrance to the main room, with many more labyrinthal pathways filled with way too many people to make this fast and ease. My request for an exceptional express procedure was gently denied by the employees. “You have to make your way on your own and ask people to let you go past them!”….

Oh-Oh! One long line after the next, I made it laterally through the room, skipping as I found somebody who allowed me to go in front of them. A gentleman from Germany told me to ‘better hurry’! I kept going from face to face, culture to culture, language to language. Until 4 people said “No! We are on the same flight as you, and you just have to stand in line and wait it through as we do!” I sensed a strong line drawn in the sand. It said “Here is what is, and don’t you dare asking for something different beyond that, beyond what we choose! We don’t ask for more, so dare you asking for more!” The woman and the 2 men were very clear that that was a border not to be crossed. Their angry faces and their body language clearly sent the message of “Oh, don’t you dare!” “Really?”, I thought! The energy was strong.

I remembered some things from an amazing Access class I had just recently completed. One thing was “Is this really relevant?”, and I thought “NO!”. Another thing was “What if I was willing to be the brilliance of me and fly beyond any limitations that others see as real and true for them?” “Am I willing to pass everybody else, no matter what they will project at me?” And the answer was “Yes!”

I looked back at my new German friend, and all the other faces that were looking at me with curiosity as I stood in front of the wall. My German friend beamed at me and waved at me silently saying “Go! Go! Go!” I turned towards the people who held up the wall and went “OK! NO matter what!” and slipped underneath the zipper line separating me from them, slipped past them, sensing their desire to kill me and hold me back, past everybody else, to the front of the line! A stern gentleman looked at me, and I beamed my joy back at him! I said “Thank you! You are so kind!” and, with a faint smile that he must have held back for ages, he let me fly to the immigration officer!

Now, I still missed my flight. And, I got on the next flight right away, which within 1/2 hour later was oversold. Had I waited, I might not even have made it back yesterday. I got a seat in first class and spread sparkles of joy and gratitude and magic everywhere around me. What was so interesting to witness energetically was the energy of “Do not go beyond the box! Go back and stay put! As we don’t choose more, you better not choose more. This is what is!” That was a strong pull! And once I chose the energy of ‘NO MATTER WHAT, I am choosing what I choose!” there was an energy that was so potent! It was an honoring of me and my choice. It was the willingness to choose what feels light to me! And there was and still is a great excitement about this! To go fly where everyone else says it’s impossible. To follow that lightness and create new possibilities. And, if people would choose to not get angry, they could actually choose to have that too. Like “Wow! I’m going too!” That was a possibility that I showed them. If anyone gets angry and annoyed about my choice, it is just because they are not choosing it (yet), and they somewhere know they could make a different choice. Otherwise, they would just not be angry. It got me wondering later how often in my life I stayed put as I didn’t want to make anyone ‘feel bad’….. And, did this serve anyone?

It certainly didn’t serve me. By choosing what works for me and following the energy of the moment, I literally am the invitation for everyone that says “Hey, you can have that too! You just choose it!”

I love the movie “Secretariat”. It says there something like “If you don’t run your race and give it the best you can and just go for it, you will never know what greatness you can be and create!”

So, I choose to choose what is light to me! And for me, the moment is now! If I wait in line behind everybody else, waiting for them to choose before I can choose, that might never be! Or take a long time! I choose to not wait for anyone else any longer! I choose to choose NOW! It is time for my brilliance to be me! And I invite you all to choose that also, no matter what that is for you!

By Bettina Madini, CF



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