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A Gift is a Choice- Choose You!

August 16, 2014

What if YOU truly are the walking miracle that exudes a different possibility? Would you be willing to be that catalyst and contribution? And are you willing to acknowledge it when you choose it?

Yesterday I chose something that matched the energy of creating a different future. I received a call in the morning from a mother who was concerned for her teenage son. She shared that this had been triggered by the suicide that had occurred the day before of a 17 year old cousin. At that moment something sparked…and without “thinking” I offered to run bars on the twin brother that had found his sister hung in her room and also the parents if they chose. I did not know the family or son and yet the choice to offer felt so light. I did have an awareness though, a slight whisper, of the gift of a different possibility.

Fast forward to 7pm, I drove up to a house full of family and friends of the deceased, with the recognition of a few familiar faces. I was greeted and then escorted through the crowd into a bedroom. The twin brother of the diseased girl walked in the room covered by a blanket, hiding his body and energetically so cold and distance. He trustingly lay down on the bed, so willing to receive from this stranger something he had no idea about….shortly after the father entered and sat at the foot of the bed. Quietly he spoke as he opened up and shared all that was present for him….then the mother entered and also sat and opened up…There was a calm space and even some smiles and low chuckles exchanged. Something so rare and strange for a couple that had just lost their daughter the day before…We all acknowledge the presence of their daughter in the room and some of the messages she was sending to us. Something in the past I would have hesitated to do. As the evening progressed I could hear more people had arrived at the house and I could hear the prayer of the Rosary being chanted by many out in the living room. At that moment, I became aware of the courage this family has to be different, of the kindness they exude, of the knowing they have of a different possibility and their willingness to receive. Then came another soft knock at the door, the oldest daughter walked in and asked if I had time to also work on her and her husband. As I accepted and she walked out I was present to the immense gratitude they had for my presence that I was moved to tears.

Forward now 10pm, as I was getting ready to walk out of the room the lady that invite said she could perceive the change in the son, mother and father and was so grateful for my willingness to come and stay so late. Then, as i was getting ready to leave the house I was approached and sweetly embraced by a mother of an old kindergarten student I had over 10 years ago. She held me tight and said, “It’s so nice to see you and have you here”…I could perceive a level of gratitude and kindness that invited me to drop my barriers and receive. Then I was approached by a beautiful young man, now 18 years old who had also been my kindergarten student, who embraced me so lovely and then asked if I would be willing to speak with a couple of the other teens. I accepted and returned to the room. I was quickly followed, not by one or two, but 10 young beautiful beings ranging from 7-18yr. I sat there in awe! I had been asking to share a different possibility with kids and here I had a room full. Never does show up the way you think it’s going to. How does it get any better than that? I was moved by their vulnerability and trust as they shared what was present for them with their friend/cousin’s suicide. One of the girls even shared she had considered it herself. I listened, I asked questions and also did some clearings. By the end there was laughter and more ease. Half of them pulled out their phone to write down some new tools they had: Who does this belong to? Light and heavy. How does it get better than this? And what else is possible I haven’t considered? There is talk about their desire to learn how to run the bars so they can gift each other. What are the infinite possibilities?

Forward now 11pm, I walk out the door into a beautiful peaceful full moon night. With the knowing that something has changed around the planet. I may never know exactly what and yet I know that I am a catalyst and a contribution to creating a different reality.

by Sylvia Puentes



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Jun 6, 2015

Thank you for sharing this – it was simply, so beautiful!

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Jul 11, 2015

Thank you for sharing this message with us.This will help all to know we can make a difference just by showing up and being there for people in need.I love running the Bars.

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